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  • Captain, we're caught in some kind of tractor beam.

  • Open a channel!

  • I sense a presence I have not felt in a long time.

  • NERDS!

  • Ugh, YOU again.

  • Look, we're not nerds.

  • If we're nerds, you're nerds.

  • Yeah, right. I'M a sith lord, and YOU'RE a bald guy in pajamas.

  • Can you do this?

  • NO, because that doesn't make any sense. If people can do that, why does anyone have a gun?

  • Uh, because you have to have the reflexes of a force master.

  • Oh, so you have to be MAGIC, then.

  • That's dumb.

  • Oh, ok, the force is dumb, but you beaming people all over the place isn't.

  • It's science!

  • We convert a person or object into an energy pattern through a process called dem-

  • Oh, there you go. Yeah, pack your dialogue with bullshit pseudoscience.

  • We don't do that!

  • Sir, we cannot compensate for the gravimetric interference!

  • Not now, Geordie.

  • UGH. I feel like I'm in science class, but I'm getting dumber.

  • You want to talk about pseudoscience? Midichlorians, then.

  • That doesn't count.

  • How about politics? The galactic senate, then.

  • Doesn't count either.

  • Oh, great. So, tell me, what DOES count as Star Wars?

  • The Clone Wars cartoon, and the original three movies. Except the Ewoks. They're dumb.

  • [giggling]

  • OH YEAH, YEAH, Hilarious. Almost as hilarious as STAR TREK FIVE.

  • We don't speak of the odd-numbered Star Trek movies.

  • That's weird, because it seems like all you do is talk.

  • Your simple, Shoot-em-up mind just can't handle these complex, nuanced -

  • BORING. Oh, yeah, your stuff is SO nuanced. Be nice to Data, and don't be racist to aliens. There, I solved Star Trek.

  • It's far more intelligent than your Dark Side, Light Side nonsense!

  • Star Wars is like philosophy, for children!

  • Yeah, sorry, we HAVE to keep it simple-to, y'know, move the plot along, and have some action.

  • Star Trek has plenty of action!

  • Captain, will you be attending my poetry reading later?

  • God, Data, seriously.

  • The only "strong," Star Trek character gets his ass kicked ALL THE TIME.

  • ENOUGH. I won't sit here any longer and be insulted!

  • Gah!

  • Ugh.

  • Oh-ho-ho-ho, man, the force rules. Oh, Worf sucks so bad.

  • yes, yes.

  • Very funny, Lord Vader, but I'm afraid that while you were prattling on, we were collecting valuable information-

  • about your space station, and we have detected a weakness.

  • Target the exhaust port! Fire photon torpedoes!

  • Photon torpedoes? What are those? Like, geek-ass proton torpedoes?

  • Your special effects are laaaaaaaaaaaaame

  • That's not the point!

  • Yes it iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissss

  • Hey, I'm Murph from College Humor. If you liked that video, click here to subscribe, and click here to see more sketches.

  • Yeah, they're "sketches." Not "skits."

  • And I'm a "pretentious dickhead."

Captain, we're caught in some kind of tractor beam.

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