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  • Doctor! Doctor!

  • I've switched brains with a sheep!

  • Uh, i'm sorry, what?

  • Down here

  • Hello!

  • Baaaahhhhh (Sheep noise)

  • Look at this luxurious fence post

  • With its courageously mundane color

  • And violent corners

  • This isn't just any fence post...

  • It's my fence post. Seriously, get out.

  • (Generic anime music) Gasp!

  • Villager number 54!

  • Are you, coming for dinner!?

  • (More generic anime music)

  • Will Villager number 54 come for dinner!? find out! on the next...


  • We now return to, generic teenage soap opera!

  • Hey

  • Hey

  • Will, will you trade with me?

  • (Awkward silence)

  • No

  • (Slightly more awkward silence)

  • (Music)

  • Everything sucks (it really sucks)

  • Everything sucks now (I frikin hate my life)

  • Do you see these photo's!?

  • Uh, yeah?

  • Which, one, looks...BETTER!

  • You see, i was thinking this one! but then i saw that one!

  • Uh, that one makes me look fat, i ate lots of grain, it goes straight to my thighs.

  • (Elevator Music)

  • Hey Kids! this is Sally!

  • Sally has stolen Thomas' toy

  • I'm sorry for stealing your toy Thomas

  • So, should Thomas forgive Sally?

  • (Cheering Villager children)

  • No Kids! Sally is dead to Thomas now! he will never talk to her again!

  • (Villager children cheering)

  • Ugh!

  • Ha!

  • Have you had an accident at work that wasn't your fault?

  • Oh no! I have fallen!

  • Its time to try! HUMAN SACRIFICE!

  • What?

  • Last time on Villagermon GT!

  • Villager 54 was asked, if he was coming for dinner!

  • Villager number 54!

  • Are you, coming for dinner!

  • Our story continues...

  • Now

  • I have! Already eaten!

  • Gasp! Gasp! Gasp!

  • Agh!

  • Moo!

  • Yay! Credits! Agh!

Doctor! Doctor!

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Villager TV 3 (Animation)

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    CJFXDBK posted on 2017/05/25
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