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  • Today I am going to talk about three steps

  • that I use on YouTube to improve my listening when learning a language.

  • They are, first, choosing a key words.

  • Second, using the filters.

  • Third, adjusting the speed.

  • I will take English as an example because that is the main language I am learning.

  • Step One: choosing a keyword.

  • try to list some subjects or activities that interest you.

  • For example, I would like to know something about makeup.

  • so, I type makeup into the search box.

  • I recommend you to search something you like

  • or something you want to know about

  • so it will be easier for you to sit down, watch, and learn.

  • There are over 18 million results.

  • That is too many results, so I will need step two to help narrow them down.

  • Step two: using the filters.

  • Our goal is to improve listening

  • I have found it more efficient when the videos have subtitles.

  • Now, let me click the filters

  • and then (now) click the subtitles under the filters.

  • Also, you can click the duration of the video and even sort by view count.

  • It is up to you.

  • I don't turn on the subtitles the first time I watch it.

  • waiting to turn on the subtitle the second time or the third time improves

  • the viewer’s listening ability.

  • Step Three: adjusting the speed.

  • After watching a video a few times and understanding every single word

  • I'll make it a little bit challenging by adjusting the speed of the video.

  • Click the gear icon on the right corner and go to the speed.

  • adjust the speed to 1.25

  • then just playing again and you see if you still understand it.

  • Choosing a keyword, using the filters, and adjusting the speed are the three steps

  • that I use on YouTube to improve my listening when learning a foreign language.

  • You can use these three steps to learn any other languages such as mandarin, Japanese, et cetera.

  • But, please remember you have to watch the same video multiple times, not only one time.

  • Here is another tip.

  • You can hit the thumbs-up button.

  • to add video to liked video list.

  • and then you can go back and watch it again

  • I really like watching YouTube, not those stupid prank videos

  • but the really helpful and inspiring ones

  • If you think this video is helpful, please give me a thumb-up.

  • and share it with your friends and family.

  • thank you guys for watching. I will see you in my next one.

Today I am going to talk about three steps

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