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  • Hi. I'm Tim and this is my Pronunciation workshop.

  • Here I'm going to show you how English is really spoken. Come on, let's go inside.

  • Where were you born? Where do you come from? Here's what we heard when we asked some people in

  • London their names, and where they come from.

  • Now they all used the word from, didn't they?

  • But they didn't pronounce it /frɒm/. Listen again: how is it pronounced?

  • The word from is a preposition; it's usually

  • not that important in a sentence, so it's often unstressed. Now, at the end of the question,

  • "Where do you come from?" It's unstressed, but the pronunciation is still /frɒm/. However,

  • when it's unstressed, and it comes in the middle of a sentence, the /ɒ/ changes to schwa,

  • so /frɒm/ becomes /frɒm/. This is an example of a weak form, and here are some more examples.

  • Right, now you've heard the examples, and

  • now it's your turn. You know the drill by now: listen and repeat.

  • Well done. And remember, if you want to learn

  • more about pronunciation, then please visit our website, And that

  • is about it from the pronunciation workshop for this week. I'll see you soon. Bye bye!

  • Now you know me, I’m a skilled craftsman and artisan, if you will. I like to work with my hands. So I’m looking forward to doing a bit more DIY this afternoon.

  • Actually, on second thoughts, I think I’ve learnt from my mistakes. Best put this down here.

Hi. I'm Tim and this is my Pronunciation workshop.

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