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  • Mister Bryce? Oooh, little man has a voice.

  • My name is Elaine Bradley. I'm married to a wonderful man

  • named Sebastian. I have a child named Bryce.

  • And I play the drums.

  • From a very young age, I wanted to play music for a living.

  • I would take wooden spoons and pots with the lids.

  • It probably sounded like absolute horrible noise.

  • I made up songs on the playground with accompanying dances.

  • As a kid, I didn't really care much about what God wanted me to do.

  • I got the impression that God wanted life to be hard.

  • So, if you wanted to truly follow Jesus Christ and God,

  • life would be hard for you. That was just one more reason

  • that I put off having a relationship with God.

  • I met this guy, and he didn't swear or do drugs or

  • anything like that. So he was very different

  • from my friends, and he was different from me.

  • So I asked him, Are you religious or what?

  • He said, "I don't go to one church, but I do think it's important

  • to have a personal relationship with God."

  • When he said that, it was like a lightning bolt to my heart.

  • I thought, "I have no personal relationship with God

  • because I didn't ever want one." And for the first time, I thought,

  • I've got to do something about this.

  • I began to research what the Bible was about, just very

  • fundamental topics. I was so surprised and excited

  • to learn there was this Jesus Christ who was my Savior.

  • That created the natural desire for me to want to stop drinking.

  • I never thought, "This is the last time."

  • It just kind of stopped.

  • I feel so much better and so much more myself

  • when I follow the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ

  • of Latter-day Saints than I ever did when I didn't care about God.

  • I feel more alive. Which sounds cheesy, but it's true.

  • I'm still getting to know God and what he wants me to do.

  • Something about my band is that we've decided

  • we're not going to drink, we're not going to smoke,

  • we're not going to do drugs, and that's how it will stay.

  • I believe one of the main joys of life is having a family.

  • We need to get him a few wigs. Babies in wigs are the best.

  • He is a joy, and I love him. I wouldn't not have him.

  • I don't think I'll ever think, "My child is such an inconvenience

  • to my career." I'll be more grateful for that

  • later than I am for platinum records.

  • My name is Elaine Bradley. I'm a drummer,

  • I'm a mom. I'm a wife.

  • And I'm a Mormon.

Mister Bryce? Oooh, little man has a voice.

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I'm Elaine Bradley and I'm a Mormon

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    So Ling Lee posted on 2017/05/17
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