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  • Well isn't that a beautiful balcony!

  • I've just been inspired by the clouds in London today

  • Gorgeous cloudy weather!

  • and I think it's a great opportunity to talk to you all today

  • about cloud-related idioms!

  • Now, when I mention idioms in my English classes

  • the first one that anyone says is....

  • What is it?

  • the first one that everyone says is

  • it's raining cats and dogs

  • Now, I do like weather-related idioms

  • I use them a lot

  • but this particular idiom

  • meaning it's raining a lot

  • I just don't tend to use it!

  • So, I want to give you some idioms that are relevant

  • that we do use a lot

  • So, here are three cloud-related idioms!

  • So my first cloud-related idiom is

  • every cloud has a silver lining

  • and this is my absolute favourite idiom in the history of idioms

  • because it's so positive

  • It means that out of every unpleasant or difficult situation

  • there is always something positive

  • an example of this would be

  • I got fired yesterday but

  • at least I can spend more time writing the book I wanted to write

  • So, every cloud has a silver lining

  • Guys, please don't worry

  • I didn't get fired yesterday because I am

  • self-employed

  • Quite a funny alternative to my favourite idiom

  • which is every cloud has a silver lining is

  • every silver lining has a cloud

  • Which means that every positive situation

  • also has a negative one

  • but let's stick with the original

  • My next cloud idiom is to have your head in the clouds

  • If somebody has their head in the clouds

  • it means they are out of touch with reality

  • Their ideas are not logical, nor are they practical

  • An example of this would be

  • Lucy has her head in the clouds if she thinks that she's going to reach 10,000 subscribers by the end of the year

  • maybe you could subscribe and help me

  • it's getting cloudier and cloudier!

  • My next cloud-related idiom is

  • on cloud nine

  • and if somebody is on cloud nine

  • it means they are elated or extremely happy

  • So when I finished my exams last week I was on cloud nine and drinking wine!

  • So, I hope you enjoyed my video on cloud-related idioms

  • I know there were only 3 but this is a bonus video

  • It's a Friday, I should be at the pub!

  • but I just got suddenly inspired by the clouds

  • In other news, I have opened an instagram account

  • It is @LearnEnglishWithLucy

  • It should be just here

  • Please follow me and you can see little updates of what I do in my daily life!

  • I will be back to filming normal lesson videos next week

  • Until then....cheers!

  • So that was my video on cloud-related indians

  • ........Indians? .....No.

Well isn't that a beautiful balcony!

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British English Expressions - Cloud Idioms | English With Lucy

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    Branson Lee posted on 2017/05/16
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