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  • Ugh!

  • Not again!

  • [5 Common British Expression]

  • Thank you!

  • Hi guys! It's me!

  • I'm here in sunny London.

  • That's British sarcasm there.

  • It's extremely cold today.

  • But, I wanted to talk to you about some of the common British expressions that I hear and use more or less every day.

  • So, let's get started!

  • So, the first one is 'All right?'

  • And this really means 'Hello, how are you?'

  • Some people get confused and think it means 'Is everything ok?'

  • Really, it's a very general question.

  • It's a nice way of greeting somebody.

  • So if you hear someone in the street say 'All right?' you can say 'Yeah, how are you?' as a response.

  • Ok, so the next one is 'I'm easy,' and this would be something you use when somebody asks you to make a decision and you don't really mind.

  • Would you prefer Italian or Chinese food tonight?

  • Mm... I'm easy.

  • It means 'I don't really mind.'

  • Ok, the next one is 'on about,' and this means 'talking about.'

  • Ok? So if I say 'What's he on about?', I'm really saying 'what's he talking about?'

  • Ok? It can be used quite negatively, so if someones talking too much, you could say 'what's he on about?'

  • So, my personal favourite of this list is 'Bob's your uncle!'

  • And this, if you're not familiar with the phrase, may sound ridiculous, and it is!

  • may sound ridiculous, and it is!

  • Err... we're a little bit crazy here in the UK.

  • But 'Bob's your uncle' is a phrase we use to conclude a set of instructions.

  • to conclude a set of instructions.

  • Like, for example, making a cup of tea!

  • You need to boil the water.

  • You need to add it to a cup.

  • You need to add a tea bag.

  • You need to let it brew.

  • You then need to take the teabag out,

  • and then add some milk

  • and sugar to taste,

  • and then...

  • Bob's your uncle! You've made a cup of tea!

  • Ok, so this last one 'easy peasy'

  • is something I used to say quite a lot when I was a child.

  • But I might still say it every now and again.

  • Now,

  • this mean's that something is really easy.

  • The full rhyme is 'easy peasy lemon squeezy.'

  • I don't recommend that you use this phrase in a job interview.

  • But, for general fun and general conversation,

  • it's absolutely fine.

  • So, how was the exam?

  • It was easy peasy!

  • And then if you really want to go for it..

  • It was easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

  • Thank you for watching this short and fun little lesson today.

  • Try and use these phrases that I've taught you at some point today

  • and see the kind of reactions that you'll get from your English teachers!

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  • and also 'like' my Facebook page which should be here.

  • And I hope to see you very soon! Bye bye!

  • If you didn't know I'm [email protected]#$%^& :P


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5 Common British English Expressions!

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