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  • Hey everybody thanks for watching The Key of Awesome #118

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  • Yes, Patreon supporters will get all of the Key of Awesome songs,

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  • including this one,

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  • Oh! Here come the Patreon supporters

  • Look at them go.

  • You get a song, you get a song, you

  • you, you get a song.

  • Thank you Patreon supporters.

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  • Do you guys have anything that you want to plug?

  • Uhh... My sink is leaking

  • You want to plug your sink?

  • Yeah. If I could do that.

  • How about plug it with some of that hair?

  • *Laughs*

  • Jealous?

  • *Laughs* Yes

  • *Laughs*

  • BYE


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Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm PARODY! The Key of Awesome #118

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    Elvis Fan posted on 2017/04/25
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