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  • I think...

  • around the same time, I saw like

  • Pretty Woman and Titanic

  • sothat’s why

  • You know what?!

  • I saw it!!!

  • Is that it?! Is that it?!

  • My name is Yeonmi Park.

  • I was born in North Korea.

  • I escaped when I was 13 years old.

  • You know, it was a time where I had to decide

  • whether I wanted to die on the street,

  • like my father, you know, of starvation,

  • or do I want to risk my life

  • where there was a glimpse of hope

  • that I can make it to China.

  • Life in China was harder than life in North Korea.

  • If I was caught in China,

  • I would've been sent back to North Korea,

  • or I can be killed.

  • My main concern was to survive,

  • to find food for the next meal,

  • because I wanted to see my sister again.

  • North Korean girls, just like me,

  • are being sold in China.

  • My friend got sold into a town, a Chinese town,

  • and all the men were just sharing her.

  • And it’s not even like, just

  • they shared her as just an animal, or less than that.

  • There are so many North Korean defectors

  • who are still hiding in China,

  • who are still struggling and suffering

  • Even though they want to run away,

  • they don’t know where they have to go.

  • So this is a big problem.

  • After LiNK helped me escape China,

  • I had the opportunity to come to America.

  • Nowadays, I think, whenever I decide

  • my major or my job,

  • I think, “Oh, this is freedom!"

  • I finished high school and

  • I am currently attending college.

  • And last year, I even had the privilege

  • to share my story at TED.

  • Today I’m free but,

  • all my relatives and friends are still not free.

  • If we work together

  • we can give more North Korean refugees

  • the opportunity we have.

  • I believe that we can change

  • North Koreanslives in so many ways.

  • We can’t do this alone.

  • We need everyone to stand

  • and face this problem with us,

  • together.

I think...

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