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  • (Music) Ba ba ba...

  • Ba ba ba ba baa...

  • (Woman) Oooh...

  • (Woman 2): Hi!

  • (Woman 2): I'm Jade.

  • (Woman 1): I'm Nikki.

  • (Man): I have never, ever been in a ball pit before.

  • (Woman): What?!

  • (Man 1): You've never been in a ball pit? (Man 2): Never. (Man 1): You gotta go. (Man 2): I've seen them but never been in one.

  • (Woman) I remember these ball pits. Kids threw up in them.

  • (Woman 1): All right, so let's see.

  • (Man 1): This is a good one. Share three things on your bucket list.

  • (Woman): Ummm...

  • First is to go sky diving.

  • I want to go skydiving.

  • You ever had those dreams where you're just floating and flying and everything. Scuba diving is exactly that.

  • Don't you get afraid of drowning or being underwater and getting attacked by an octopus? Or any of those things?

  • (Woman): I wanna learn curling. (Man): What is it?

  • (Woman): Like that Winter Olympics sport. (Man): Oh, where you slide the puck thing. (Woman): Yeah and it's like bowling and sweeping.

  • (Woman 2): Find one thing you have in common... Do you play sports?

  • Not currently.

  • I play soccer.

  • Actually, I play the drums. Do you play any instruments?

  • Um, I quit everything I ever tried.

  • (Guy): Fun fact - these aren't real teeth.

  • I have a flipper tooth.

  • Really?! Oh my god!

  • (Woman): Wait, wait! Mmhmm. My front tooth! (Man): Oh my gosh.

  • You don't even understand. I swear to god I feel like someone planted us here for this reason.

  • Destiny.

  • (Man): Describe the first time you fell in love. (Woman): Ohhh... I think it was kindergarten.

  • I don't remember his name but he was beautiful.

  • (Woman 1): I was in the Navy. (Woman 2): You were in the Navy? (Woman 1): And my husband was in the Navy.

  • (Woman 1): Long story short, before he ever kissed me or we were even together, he told me he loved me.

  • And 24 years later, we are more in love and we're better friends than from the beginning.

  • That's true love at its finest.

  • (Woman 1): Talk about someone who inspires you.

  • Is it all right to talk about somebody that's a religious character?

  • Yeah, why not? This is our ball pit. We can talk about whoever we want, right?

  • (Man 2): Jesus. (Man 1): All right.

  • (Woman 2): Just my peers. They're all creative in their own ways and have their own realities and own lessons.

  • I just grow from everybody else's as well as my own.

  • (Woman 1): Martin Luther King. I think because the fact that we're sitting in this box together is a big deal. (Woman 2): Yes, exactly.

  • You know who inspires me? Believe it or not, it's my daughter.

  • She is everything I ever wanted to be.

  • (Man 2): All right... talk about the experience that changed your life. Ah, that's a good one.

  • After my wife decided that it was time that we split, I started to have a different perspective on life.

  • I saw women differently. I saw relationships differently.

  • (Man 2): I think I became more appreciative of women.

  • How old did you say you are? 20..?

  • Yeah.

  • (Woman 1): At the age of 21, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

  • And it pulled the rug out from all my plans. It really changes the way you look at things.

  • Mmhmm. My grandmother has it.

  • Who does?

  • (Woman 2): My grandmother.

  • There's our common.

  • (Woman 2): We found our common. That's why we are still here. We found the common.

  • (Woman 1): Create a secret handshake. Okay...

  • Okay, but nothing with spit.

  • You need both hands. So, this, (swoosh sound).

  • (Man): And then whoever gets on the top, makes a flag.

  • (Man 2): Aw, now I forgot what it is.

  • And then, like, maybe a little twitch in the middle.

  • (Together): 1, 2, 1, 2, and high ten.

  • (Woman 2): All right, we did it!

  • That was awesome!

  • (Woman): I actually had a lot of fun. I was a little bit nervous. Because normally you don't hang out with strangers in ball pits.

  • I got to learn some pretty cool things about you.

  • It was really nice to meet you. I hope I see you again. You, too. So give me a hug!

  • I'm really impressed by you. I was worried that I would start talking to you like a Mom.

  • I don't know if I did?

  • No. No, you didn't. Trust me. You did good.

  • (Music) Ba ba ba...

(Music) Ba ba ba...

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