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  • Are you good cameras?

  • Are you good AURORA?

  • Yeah!

  • Hello, my name is AURORA

  • and this is Rapid Fire on Chart Attack.

  • I saw a TV show, a hero,

  • with Dwayne Johnson or something?

  • I would like to be a hero.

  • Kitty... paws

  • 73!

  • I will live in a mountain with a cat

  • Sheep's eye

  • Norway man.

  • Norway!

  • I always lose my shoes

  • Once I forgot my shoes before i went to the city

  • not a good idea.

  • Little things that I don't have any use of

  • like bowls and candleholders and

  • moths and pillows and I got my oh yes

  • Yes, maybe you have a use for pillows

  • Useless pillows!

  • That music that can help someone should not be kept to yourself.

  • Flying.

  • When I drive the car I picture

  • myself flying just next to the car like over...

  • Very fun.

  • That I

  • have an incredible moustache.

  • Many times.

  • Even now!

  • The more we find out,

  • The more we know that we don't know anything

  • and I think that's very exciting

  • I was really good at juggling

  • or standing on my hands

  • maybe being really strong even though I

  • didn't have much muscles.

  • Wolf.

  • A praying mantis

  • I have a moth that's about this big

  • with wings

  • it's hairy and tiny

  • and yellow and brown and pink!

  • The Star Wars books

  • Letting go of control

  • Free.

  • Nature...

  • enthusiast.

  • Dreamy.

  • I find it really attractive in people when they

  • have the possibility to see and

  • understand people around them

  • The fear of what is different than

  • ourselves and making rules that can make

  • something beautiful into something

  • forbidden.

  • If I'm in a place where I can't find a

  • forest them I like to go within myself

  • meditating helps a lot and also doing yoga.

  • But I like to watch trees

  • Because they, they're...

  • Boop! Okay

  • I like

  • to

  • watch

  • trees!

Are you good cameras?

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AURORA on what she wants to change in the world | RAPID FIRE

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    黃柏瑋   posted on 2017/03/21
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