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  • ♪ [music] ♪

  • - Well, I'm Aurora. I'm from Norway, from Bergen. It's on the west coast by the sea.

  • We played Murder Song, which is a bit tragic. It's a love story and what's going

  • on inside the woman's and the man's head is a secret.

  • He holds the gun against my head. I close my eyes and bang I am dead. ♪

  • ♪ I know he knows... ♪

  • My first album will be named...well, my first child I guess will be named

  • "All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend" and it's always hard to answer,

  • to explain the title. In my head, it takes many, many, many words.

  • It's easier to describe it with 11, 12 songs. It strikes me as a quite

  • wonderful thing to have because we all have demons.

  • I know it's quite a dramatical way of putting it, but we have dark memories or

  • experiences in life and it's nice to think that maybe in the future, you'll be

  • greeted by them as a friend and you will realize that even though they were

  • bad, it was important that they happened because you've grown as a person and

  • you've learned a lot. I don't know I just like them, the atmosphere of it.

  • Let love conquer your mind. ♪

  • Warrior, warrior. Just reach out for the light. Warrior, warrior. ♪

  • ♪ I am a yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪

  • It's kind of a song for my supporters, which I call Warriors and Weirdos because

  • that's what you do nowadays. You have a name for your fans, yeah, so I didn't. But

  • now they are named Warriors and Weirdos which is quite powerful. And Warrior is a

  • song for all of them. It's kind of like, it's just be a warrior of love, which

  • sounds a bit cheesy right now but it was a nice thought just to be a nice human.

  • Warrior Warrior Just reach out for the light. ♪

  • Warrior, warrior. I am a yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪

  • Even if my songs are quite sad or quite dark, I don't want my songs to make

  • people sad. It's very important for me that all my songs have some kind of

  • hope or light. Many of my fans, they tell me that they often listen to my songs

  • to get through things. And therefore obviously I hope that they can

  • picture being in a place where things are better, which that must be nice. But I

  • hope my songs can bring people to a calm place.

  • ♪ [music] ♪

♪ [music] ♪

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Baeble Talks to Aurora, our new obsession.

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    黃柏瑋 posted on 2017/03/21
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