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  • How old were you when you started making those movies?

  • I was nine.

  • Nine years old?

  • WOW. And, beforehand, did you know about the books? Was that part of your life?

  • Oh my god, it was the huge part of my life.

  • It's a huge part of your life?

  • Yeah, my...yeah!

  • So, and then you get involved this thing,

  • and little do you know, it would take you all the way to adulthood.

  • Which is really crazy, I mean nobody has that experience.

  • No! I mean, yeah, No one goes to the first audition they've ever been to in their entire life

  • and then makes those movies for over a decade.

  • - No, it just doesn't happen. - I mean that's like that doesn't happen.

  • - It's almost like you have magic power or something.

  • Almost.

  • In a way, literally.

  • There's a video tape that somebody here on the show found this, this is like an outtake from the movie.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • And do you... Now I want to encourage people to watch, uh, watch very closely,

  • watch Emma's lips very closely here throughout this. ‘Cause I will ask you to explain this, too.

  • A stone that stops you from dying. No wonder Snape's after it. Anyone would want it.

  • Something doesn't make sense.

  • If all Snape wants this Sorserror's stone, why did he try to kill you during the Quidditch?

  • You're helping them with their lines.

  • I....

  • You laughed, this is actually quite traumatic for me,

  • because I created issues because of this.

  • Oh really? - Yes! - What issues?

  • I would ruin takes. First would be like "Cut. Emma, you're doing it again! You're mouthing Dan's lines."

  • I'll be like "Woo, I'm so sorry. So sorry! Oh, I felt so bad."

  • But like, I couldn't help myself. I was like, I was such a loser.

  • I really,

  • I really love those books,

  • I really want to do my job well. And I kind of over did it.

  • Don't worry about. Guillermo does that with me all the time when I go off script.

  • He corrects me, you can see he hides it with his mustache.

  • You know, if you had a mustache, it probably won't be noticeable to anybody so.

  • Hey, congratulation on all your success and the big movie. -Thank you so much.

  • For another generation of young woman alive, it's called "Beauty and the Beast."

  • It will goes on March 17, that's Emma Watson, everybody.

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How old were you when you started making those movies?

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Emma Watson's Harry Potter Outtake

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