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  • Bobby?

  • Becca!

  • Hey! It's been a while. How you doin'?

  • How am I doing? The real question is how are you doing?

  • I'm fine! But let's talk about you. What's been going on?

  • So many things! You know, I've been so busy lately. It's crazy.

  • Busy with what?

  • Just so many projects up in the air right now for me. I'm just kinda waiting to see how they come through, y'know

  • Uh, it's great. I've been writing more, I've been hitting the gym, just focusing on stuff I care about.

  • Well good, you look great. I mean, you look the same as you did in college.

  • Yeah, well, you know me. I'm afraid of change.

  • You were interning at that tech company, right?

  • Yeah! I'm still there, Yea! Still doing the same thing! Y'know, every day. Again.

  • And again. But, but I love it still. It's um, it's great so it's meaningful work and

  • It's awesome!

  • Are you still with uh..

  • Teddy?

  • N-no. We broke up. But it's for the best. It was mutual, so.

  • I'm sorry to hear that.

  • Ah well, don't be too sorry! It's not like I'm gonna sleep with ya just 'cause I'm single!

  • Oh, don't worry! I don't want to sleep with you either.

  • Y'know I like riding solo right now, y'know?

  • Cheers to that, my friend!

  • Do you want a family eventually?

  • Oh no, I had my tubes tied last year.


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