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  • Silence shared in words

  • presents

  • There Is No Tomorrow

  • You have no philosophy of life?

  • No philosophy of life.

  • I have life itself.

  • There are people who have philosophies of life,

  • but they don't have any life.

  • Your philosophy,

  • if there is one, has been expressed in "the three L's," love, life, laughter.

  • Is that a philosophy of life?

  • No.

  • Could you explain that?

  • It is just a consequence of being silent and in tune with existence:

  • love arises in you,

  • life becomes abundant

  • laughter for no reason,

  • just

  • because this whole existence is so hilarious.

  • This is not philosophy, this is the consequence of being silent.

  • Is it to enjoy life

  • and not worry about tomorrow?

  • There is no tomorrow.

  • If there is a tomorrow, you cannot stop worrying about it.

  • Tomorrow never comes,

  • it is a process of worrying.

  • Nor is there any yesterday.

  • One is no more,

  • one is not yet.

  • All that is in our hands is the present moment,

  • now, here.

  • And this is a miraculous experience.

  • If there is no yesterday,

  • no tomorrow,

  • and this very moment you are

  • silent,

  • all worrying disappears.

  • All imagining, dreaming, projecting disappears.

  • And it is not that you have to enjoy this moment.

  • That rejoicing arises out of this moment.

  • But you are never here, you are always somewhere else.

  • You are never in the now, you are always then.

  • Otherwise, everything is available

  • but you are

  • absent.

  • I

  • want my people

  • to understand a very simple fact -- not a philosophy,

  • something existential, not philosophical

  • be present to this moment

  • and then see what happens.

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Silence shared in words

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OSHO: There Is No Tomorrow

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