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  • WAH! Banana.

  • 如果手機品牌是人的話

  • You're Sony! I know your cousin, Play Station.

  • Wow, Play Station, the very famous one

  • Do I hear Play Station?

  • That's his cousin.

  • Cheh...

  • Your cousin...very good!

  • I like your cousin.

  • You! Come, come, come. HIt me, hit me, hit me.

  • No feeling. One more time. Hit harder.

  • No kick. No kick. Come, anyone else?

  • Hey, you're that really famous Chinese phone!

  • It's me. It's me.

  • Hi, I'm Daryl.

  • I know your name. You're...Jiao-My

  • 是小米!

  • 電池續航力

  • 你好,我是華為!

  • Your attention please. This is the final call for LTU flight...

  • Sorry, sorry, you're not allowed on board.

  • Excuse me, sir, you're not allowed on board.

  • Mr. Galaxy Note 7, I'm so sorry, but you're not allowed on board.

  • Moto, you haven't died yet?

  • LG, you're still alive?

  • Why are you dressed exactly like me?

  • Whoa, whoa, your words. My lipstick different! Not the same!

  • Hey, how's it going?

  • Hey, here's an update. What do you think?

  • Hello? Hello?

  • I think it's okay.

  • Okay then, good, good!

  • Hello? Hello? Hello?

  • WOW!!! Google Pixel! Google Pixel! Google Pixel!

  • WOW! iPhone 7 Plus!

  • Hey guys? I'm cool!

  • Hey, Welcome to group chat. LG, go in, go in. Very good.

  • Oppo, go in. Very good. Huawei, it's fantastic. Go in.

  • Wait, BlackBerry, where do you think you're going?

  • Go in that room!

  • WAH! Banana.

  • Sony Ericsson.

  • Hello, it's me.

  • Rockabye, baby, rockabye.

  • I got a pen. I got an apple.

WAH! Banana.

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If Phone Brands Were People

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