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  • Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Ramen Adventures!

  • We're here at Sugamo Station, on the North Side of Tokyo

  • If you've been following Ramen news recently

  • you might've heard of a Ramen shop called "Tsuta"

  • They're the first Ramen shop in the world to get an actual Michelin Star!

  • The spot is crazy busy, everyone wants to go there!

  • It's probably the cheapest Michelin food you can eat in the world, let's check it out now!

  • Sugamo, come on everyone!!

  • So, Tsuta is located in a residential part of Tokyo

  • and when they got their Michelin star, as expected they blew up!

  • Suddenly their line which was normally about an hour

  • went to over 4 hours

  • People are making noise and a lot of complaints from the neighbors

  • so they made a new system, if you show up in the morning they'll give colored tickets away

  • and that tells you what time you come back!

  • It's a little complicated but if you have a free day

  • No problem!!

  • Wow! there it is!

  • Really one of the most simpler bowls but just that smell

  • Really, really nice!

  • And I'm just gonna dig right in! Home-made noodles!

  • Using a blend of 4 Japanese flours

  • You know I don't wanna use the word "perfect" too much with this bowl but these are really amazing noodles

  • And that soup

  • That's ridiculous!

  • Tha main shoyu they're using, it's a blend from Wakayama

  • A part of Japan with a deep history of making shoyu

  • So this is like a really nice craft shoyu

  • One of the special things that they do that kinda elevates it to a more modern style of Ramen is:

  • They're putting Italian Truffle oil here

  • So the Menma

  • The pickled bamboo shoots

  • They cook their menma in the stock

  • Along with red wine

  • And then the Chashyu

  • They roast it and they let it marinate with herbs

  • So it has an Italian flavor I think

  • Really really nice!

  • You know I always take the egg

  • Let's see how this one holds up

  • Pretty!

  • Every single aspect of this bowl: Really good!!

  • Crushed it!

  • Worthy of that star!

  • There you have it!

  • And BOOM there it is! One star!

  • Michelin Guide

  • But you know some people think the Michelin guide is overrated

  • BOOM awards here! BOOM awards here!

  • They got awards all over the place

  • It's in my book, of course! Couldn't leave this place out!

  • Yeah, amazing Ramen, definitely try to come here

  • Alright, well I'm outta here! Peace!!!

Hey everyone! Welcome to another episode of Ramen Adventures!

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