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  • Welcome to part two of our three part series on how to clean and maintain your

  • small space. In this video, we are going to talk about how to maximize the square

  • footage you do have, by coming up with some interesting and unique storage ideas.

  • I'm going to walk you through some of the coolest storage products designed

  • specifically for small spaces. You could either buy these, or you could look up DIY

  • versions for yourself. All right, let's get to it.

  • With small square footage, kitchen and bathroom storage certainly does come at a

  • premium. I know because I did live in a pretty small condo for a while, and I had

  • to deal with that myself. Something I didn't consider, but I kind of wish I did

  • were these shelf expanders. In a kitchen in a condo you've got limited shelf space,

  • so you have to figure out how to maximize that. These shelf expanders literally

  • double up the space that you do have. So you can store more plates, cups, cans and

  • other dry goods. Now, the thing to keep in mind here, is you don't need as much stuff

  • in a condo that you have in a house. If it's only one or two of you living in the

  • condo, you don't need a full set of eight dishes. Maybe just stick to four or six.

  • For canned goods, don't grocery shop and get huge purchases. Just pick up what you

  • need, store it, and then replenish as you go. You can pick up more expensive

  • versions of these wire racks with plastic and rubber grips and pretty things, but

  • honestly these serve the purpose. They're cheap and I like them.

  • Now if you want to get really crazy and use some space that would otherwise never

  • be used, pick up one of these. It's an over cabinet storage basket, it just hangs

  • on the edge your cupboard it gives you some extra space. You can store saran wrap

  • boxes, oil and vinegar, condiments, or anything else that will fit into this

  • basket. The idea is, you're just getting some free space.

  • Next up on our quest for maximizing our small space, we are making friends with

  • the back of our door. This is a really cool unit that we picked up. It was about

  • $40, and it actually extends all the way down. We just only put it in half way, and

  • as you can see we hung it up on the back of this door using space we otherwise

  • wouldn't have had access to. It's providing a whole bunch of extra storage

  • for cleaning products, we've got our paper towels here, you can also use this for

  • laundry. You can put your detergent any stain removers, any fabric softener

  • products. This is great, and I also have a hook here which I'm using just to hang a

  • cloth but you can honestly use it to hang other things like jackets, or if you have

  • a mop with a hook handle on it you can use that too.

  • Now if you want to get extra creative, and not spend as much money, you can pick up

  • one of these. A lot of people talk about these. They are shoe organizers, they're

  • fairly inexpensive, and they will free up a lot of extra space for you to store all

  • kinds of interesting things. Again, maximizing that space on the back of your door.

  • Condos are notorious for super small closets, and you know what? We've got to

  • make the most of what space we have. Now there are tons of products that I could

  • talk about. I'm going to cover them on our blog So you

  • can check out all kinds of ideas, including extra storage space going up,

  • and storage space going down. But here, I'm going to talk about specifically, how

  • to maximize your wire hanging rack. To kick things off, we'll talk about these

  • teeny-tiny, narrow little hangers. These are amazing because per inch they get more

  • hangers on your wire rack and who doesn't want to store more clothes in their

  • closet? I mean, I do.

  • The next thing I love, are these S hooks. You can pick these up anywhere, I got this

  • idea from retail stores. They are fabulous because, you can hang multiple pairs of

  • pants on there which is great. You can also use them to hang bags and scarves,

  • really brilliant and a very inexpensive solution. Finally, I really love these

  • this is from my bedroom, it is a hanger with six sub-hangers. So you can get extra

  • clothing without taking up extra hanging space. It looks great and streamlined and

  • slim and you look cool and you get more stuff in your closet. So I think these

  • three things are really great to consider when you're figuring out your closet

  • solutions for small space. I want to go back to the concept for a

  • minute here about the fact that yes we're trying to maximize our small space but at

  • the same time we have to remember that we have to slim down our stuff before we go out and buy these

  • storage solutions. So I've got up tons more ideas up on

  • I couldn't cover them all here today for you, but

  • check out that blog post where you'll see lots more cool products, as well as some

  • DIY ideas. There's a button down there that lets me know you care, so click it if

  • you liked this video. Click this button right here to subscribe and begin your

  • journey to a cleaner life. Remember to stay tuned for the next and final

  • installment of this series, part three and that's coming up real soon! Thanks so much

  • for watching, and we'll see you next time!

  • Here we are at the end of the video where I get to share with you two other videos

  • that I think you're going to love so I have two videos on folding. It is all

  • about how to save space and how to fold neatly and efficiently. That is something

  • you're going to need in a small space, so you can check out part one and part two

  • right over there. Remember to check out our blog for all kinds of

  • cool cleaning information and remember to stay tuned for part three of this series.

  • I know you're going to love it! See you next time!

Welcome to part two of our three part series on how to clean and maintain your

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Storage & Organization Secrets | Small Spaces Part 2 (Clean My Space)

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