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  • Oh, it's you.

  • With vegetarian corn dogs!

  • Come on, Pheebs.

  • I just want to talk to you.

  • Oh? About what?

  • How few ova I have left?

  • Come on, I just want to apologize

  • for what happened yesterday.

  • I'm sorry, Phoebe.

  • That's okay, Ross.

  • ( kissing noises )

  • So how did the date go?

  • Well, it was awful.

  • I barely got through dinner, okay?

  • Every time I thought about what you said,

  • I started crying.

  • Yeah, I'm pretty sure

  • he spent most of the night

  • just staring at me in horror

  • But, you know, I couldn't know for sure cause my eyes were swollen shut.

  • Pheebs, you know I wasn't trying to make you cry.

  • I was really trying to say something nice.

  • I mean, I was basically saying,

  • even though you've never been

  • in a serious relationship...

  • Are we really going to do this again?

  • Sorry.

  • So he hasn't called?

  • Would you call this girl?

  • ( sobbing ): Thanks for... a lovely... evening.

  • Now I feel terrible.

  • This is all my fault.

  • Well, you know what you should feel terrible about?

  • This could have been my serious guy.

  • He was... he was sweet and smart and funny.

  • Do you know how hard it is to meet a guy like that?

  • We are a rare breed.

  • ( phone rings )

  • Hey, hey, maybe that's him.

  • Hello.

  • Could you hold on one sec?

  • I need some privacy.

  • Is it Mike?

  • No. It's a heavy breather.

  • I take what I can get.

  • I'm listening.

Oh, it's you.

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