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  • At last, I arrived.

  • delicious

  • bitter bean and dogfruit

  • The drink is free flow, right?

  • I'll have more, please

  • Oh my god, what happened?

  • The car isn't supposed to be parked there

  • I can't pass through, the car was blocking my way

  • Hey, you fucker!

  • What did you do to my car?

  • Did you hit my car?

  • I fell because of your car!

  • My car wasn't moving,

  • why'd you hit my car?

  • Don't park your car there, I can't pass through

  • Sir, listen to me

  • You were the one who was passing

  • and hit the car

  • It wasn't the car's fault

  • It was your fault

  • Hey, is this your car?

  • I'm the one who got hurt

  • so you should pay me

  • Come on, let's just hit him

  • Just give it up, man.

  • Pay him already

  • It's better than getting hit

  • Only 20?!

  • Give me more

  • more!

  • Babe, wake up

  • It's so noisy, what is that sound?

  • Where is that dangdut from?

  • The neighbours are noisy, as usual

  • *Highway in 120 m*

  • Are you ready?

  • YES!

  • What happened?

  • The tires are flat

  • It's because the road is damaged

  • They never fix it

  • This must be because the candidates of

  • People's Regional Representative Council didn't get elected

  • I love you

  • Oh, stop it

  • Mun, do you smell anything weird?

  • It smells so bad here

  • I think the river hasn't been cleaned yet.

  • What is your problem?

  • My girlfriend dumped me

  • My business hasn't been successful in 10 years

  • I got no money

  • I want my girlfriend back

  • Make my business prosperous,

  • so I can buy an island

  • If possible, return 10 of my girlfriends

  • so there won't by any loss

  • Drink my urine

  • for 3 days in a row

  • and leave nothing behind

  • I can't

  • I can't do it anymore

  • Pao,

  • why don't you prefer to work out of the country?

  • It's nicer living outside the country

  • I can stay at your's when you're overseas

  • Nonetheless,

  • where I'm born is still better than any other place,

  • in Indonesia

At last, I arrived.

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