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  • Dude, Yes! Perfect, bro. Absolutely. I'll definitely bring the kettle corn.

  • Yeah, of course, of course. Can't wait to see you.

  • I'll talk to you later. Love you, pops.

  • That was your dad?

  • Yeah. He's just confirming some plans for dinner.

  • My whole family's in town for the holidays, so... just kind of making it a big deal.

  • That's cool. It just sounded like you're talking to a friend.

  • My dad is my friend.

  • He's my best friend.

  • Isn't your dad your best friend?

  • Yeah, um, sure. I mean we just don't really communicate it that way.

  • I think Asian people, we're not as open and casual when we're talking about our emotions like... you are.

  • So your parents don't say what they really feel.

  • No.

  • They don't say "I love you"?

  • (laugh) ...No.

  • When you told your dad you were visiting home, what did he say?

  • Are the tickets cheap?

  • Don't come home unless they are cheap!

  • But what do you think he really meant?

  • You're not making enough money at your job right now.

  • So you'd better save up if you want to have a good future.

  • See? That's nice!

  • Yeah, I guess.

  • What about when you were growing up?


  • Not bad.


  • I'm proud. But I cannot brag about you to Mrs. Chen unless you are number one.

  • So practice harder for first place next time please.


  • Be home by 10 o'clock!


  • I know you're not really going to your friend's house to study,

  • and you're probably meeting up with the girl from the piano recital.

  • So be home before I go out looking for you.


  • You can do better.


  • Actually it's amazing that you even got an A-,

  • considering all the hours you play video games.

  • But I want you to be successful.

  • And education is the only way I know how to achieve that.


  • Did you eat yet?


  • I love you but I don't want to say that,

  • so I'm making sure you're well fed.

  • That's how my parents said "I love you" to me.

  • And it's less awkward.

  • That's really interesting. Why do you think they don't say what they feel?

  • I don't know. Maybe they're just not really used to it?

  • Maybe they didn't hear much when they were growing up?

  • They can hear it now, right?

  • 聖翔, come help me with the groceries!

  • Hey, ma.

  • The grocery store's so busy today, but I got everything to make your favorite dishes!

  • Did you eat yet?

  • I love you, too, ma.

  • I love you.

  • Ooh~ Hi Mrs. Wang!

  • Oh, hi, Jackie!

  • His name's Jake, ma! The e's silent. I've been telling you this since middle school.

  • Sorry, Jack!

Dude, Yes! Perfect, bro. Absolutely. I'll definitely bring the kettle corn.

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