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  • I think the reason I chose Media and Cultural Studies particularly at Lancaster

  • is the different approach Lancaster takes to the degree.

  • I think when I looked around, a lot of Media degrees take a very practical approach.

  • I think Lancaster gives you a particularly critical set of skills

  • and takes a slightly more sociological approach than other degree schemes.

  • The modules are very sociologically based, which is not what I had expected in the beginning

  • but it gave me a completely new perspective on looking at media and thinking about where I am in the world

  • and I think the lecturers do a very good job of inspiring the students through their own passion

  • to ensure that we do see the world from a different perspective, and we do think outside the box.

  • I think the highlight has been the broad range of topics covered.

  • It's allowed me to test my skills across different disciplines

  • it's also exposed me to new areas which I wasn't aware of before but I have since developed a passion for.

  • The highlight of Media and Cultural Studies is definitely the lecturers

  • and the passion that they have in what they teach.

  • Every teacher has their own particular projects going on, and they always bring in new content

  • into whatever they're researching into whatever they teach the students.

  • And I think that's very interesting, and it inspires us to get into the field, do more research

  • and understand what's happening.

  • It's the level of support that you get at Lancaster that really makes studying here

  • feel like you're actually doing research, and you're actually progressing.

  • Every academic staff member, if a student wants to meet up with them and just discuss their problems

  • they're more than willing to help you out.

  • I would definitely recommend Lancaster for future students

  • just because the sort of campus life and collegiate life isn't really found around the UK.

  • Lancaster students, and societies, and academic staff, can almost be your extended family.

  • It's just been one of the greatest times of my life.

  • I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who's even thinking about Lancaster to please come take a tour

  • and you'll fall in love with it the same way as I did.

I think the reason I chose Media and Cultural Studies particularly at Lancaster

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Discover Media and Cultural Studies at Lancaster University

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    Lucas.Y   posted on 2017/02/18
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