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  • Ed you didn't... you didn't have a deprived childhood but when you made money...

  • When you made money, you bought certain things, didn't you?

  • -Stuff that you were denied as a child. -Yea.

  • But what did you buy?

  • Well, I wasn't denied. Any good parent would know, any good parent in here,

  • if a kid wants a Lego set you get them a small one, you don't get them the big one, it's like 359 quids.

  • So when my album went to number one, I was passing the Lego store and I saw the big Death Star

  • and I went, 'You know what? It's time.'

  • I'm just a big kid now. It isn't just that.

  • I went to go and buy my goddaughter a Ninja Turtle toy for her birthday,

  • And I was in the Ninja Turtle section and then...there was this huge Ninja Turtle truck,

  • and I was looking at the small toy I got for her and the big truck and I was like, 'I'm getting that for me!'

  • Are you're like the kid fromBig》!

  • I have a load of child stuff in my house.

  • There's a room for the teddy bears.. This is such an embarrassing interview now.

  • You didn't have that when you were a kid?

  • - Not that i didn't have I just... - And out of us two you're the one that's getting laid?

  • Teddy bears don't have anything to do with this.

  • I once went on a date and brought a Lego set and made the Lego set and then left.

  • That's going deep man, that's a strong move.

  • What was she doing? She was at a dinner and you...

  • No we were just chatting, catch up....Yea, she's definitely gonna watch this... definitely happened.

  • What did you make?

  • Pirates of the Caribbean pirate ship.

  • You're a total loser.

  • I hope you gave it to her as a gift at the end?

  • Nah...

Ed you didn't... you didn't have a deprived childhood but when you made money...

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