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  • Hello everyone and welcome back to English with Lucy

  • Before we get started, I'm sorry but my neighbour has decided to have

  • some sort of Monday afternoon party in their flat

  • and if you hear any music, it's not me it's them

  • Little bit awkward, but I'm too British to say anything

  • so I'm just going to battle on

  • Today I've got a very short but very useful little video for you

  • It's all about adjectives that end in -ing

  • and adjectives that end in ed

  • and why they're different

  • and when we use each one

  • I hear so many people using these adjectives incorrectly

  • so....I'm here to help you!

  • Now, I like to believe that my lessons here on my Youtube channel

  • will help you with your English really rather a lot

  • however if you want to take your English speaking to the next level

  • you're going to need to start talking with natives

  • Now I know that getting a private tutor or finding native people in your area

  • isn't possible for everyone

  • So I'm working with a fantastic company called italki

  • And they have over 4000 online teachers for all languages

  • you can find fantastic qualified teachers

  • as well as natives that are ready to have conversations with you

  • and you'll end up paying much less that you would in a normal, private, face-to-face lesson

  • So if you log on to italki using the link that's in the description box

  • your account will be credited with 100 italki credits which is around $10

  • soon as you make your first purchase

  • so...check that out and let me know how your experience is

  • Now I'm going to give you 2 phrases

  • The first one: I am boring

  • and the second one: I am bored

  • What do they mean and why are they different?

  • Well!

  • So adjectives that end in ed describe emotions

  • They tell us how someone feels about something

  • OK, so I feel tired...I'm going to go to bed

  • Or I was bored in the maths lesson...I almost fell asleep

  • Adjectives ending in ing describe the thing that causes the emotion

  • So a boring maths lesson makes you feel bored

  • The maths lesson is what causes you to feel bored

  • so the maths lesson is boring

  • So you could say...

  • I could watch Lucy's videos for hours because they are so interesting.

  • This means that you are interested by my videos

  • My videos interest you

  • or I could say that the food was disgusting

  • I was disgusted by the food

  • Now I'm going to give you some more adjectives that can be used in both the ED form and the ING form

  • So the first one: amused, amusing

  • Ok...The film was so amusing. it made me really laugh.

Hello everyone and welcome back to English with Lucy

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ING and ED Adjectives - How to use them correctly | British English*

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