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  • The ultimate toastie.

  • Oozy on the inside,

  • but topped off with a crown of crispy cheese

  • We're not using flashy sourdough bread;

  • we're using a nice, humble white bloomer.

  • About a centimeter thick,

  • get yourself some nice butter

  • room temperature, always

  • helps.

  • A fairly light buttering,

  • and do both sides with the butter.

  • Get yourself a box grater

  • and you can use any cheese that you love

  • that's gonna melt nicely:

  • a good cheddar,

  • a red leicester...

  • fantastic!

  • Once the cheese is grated,

  • pile a handful onto your buttered bread,

  • and give it a squeeze.

  • And we're gonna put it into the pan.

  • You'll need your frying pan on a low to medium heat.

  • So what we wanna do is spend about 3 minutes on each side,

  • gettin' it beautiful and golden

  • there's that perfect temperature to get the middle oozy

  • Now, I'm gonna place some weight on the top

  • and just use whatever you got

  • around you just to weigh it down flat.

  • So okay let's remove the weights now

  • and we have here a perfectly legitimate

  • toasted cheese sandwich.

  • Alright? Lovely.

  • And many will be happy with that, okay?

  • I ain't. Alright,

  • I'm gonna grate a layer of cheese

  • around the bottom of my little pan here.

  • And almost think of it like a little doily

  • And we're gonna take this cheese sandwich

  • we're gonna put it bang on top

  • And in the course of a minute and a half,

  • it brings out completely different flavors from the cheese.

  • So you can see the fat splitting from the cheese,

  • and that's another opportunity

  • fat is coming out, fat means we can add flavor

  • just a tiny little pinch

  • of cayenne. Tiny!

  • You probably won't even see it,

  • but you will taste it.

  • Not as in hot, but as in like KICK

  • Be quite rough with it, don't be scared of it.

  • And then you get underneath it,

  • and you just hold it.

  • By the time that we count to 30,

  • we've then created,

  • our crown.

  • I mean I would love

  • to cook that for the queen.

  • Then we put a little bit more cheese

  • and we put it in the middle

  • And this is the final turn

  • four turns to perfection, guys

  • four turns

  • For perfection in the eating,

  • you gotta leave it for two minutes

  • because inside that toastie,

  • um

  • you know, the cheese is like a billion degrees Celsius.

  • Let's get the brown going.

  • the ketchup going.

  • Go ahead and grab that mango chutney out of the cupoboard.

  • Hahahaha!

  • This is what makes the world go round!

  • Crispy, gooey, fluffy, golden

  • perfection.

  • [Crunch]

The ultimate toastie.

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Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich | Jamie Oliver | Jamie’s Comfort Food

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