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  • You might be wondering why I'm in this cage.

  • No.

  • Well I'm gonna tell you. So sit back, It's a long story.

  • Alright, so get this. Notch lives somewhere in a far away place,

  • but to get there we have to find, wait for it

  • Diamonds!

  • I haven't seen any.

  • Someone stole our diamonds!

  • *burp*

  • So that's what happened.

  • I know, I was there.

  • Order, order, tape recorder,

  • YOU!

  • You have been accused of stealing diamonds from this young gentleman.

  • What gentleman!?

  • THAT young gentleman. The one with the eyebrow, and the cloak.

  • Uh, you all kinda look the same.

  • *gasp*

  • Oh no, you did it!

  • Silence!

  • The court summons its first witness to the stand.

  • I heard from the farmer that the priest told him, that the blacksmith told him,

  • that the woman over there told him that the diamonds were gone,

  • and I was like, "I bet it was that egg, he's a shifty character."

  • What did you see?

  • I usually see nothing, but, I was running around in circles, and, and,

  • he's a, he's a BAD MAN. You should kill him, or something

  • Whoa, whoa, whoa wait!

  • And who are you?

  • I'm Steve, I'm representing the defendant.

  • Ah yes, Steam.

  • Uh, no, Steve.

  • Steam?

  • Steve.

  • Ah, Steel.

  • STEVE!

  • Spoon?

  • Ugh, Don't you think this is all a little unfair?

  • Yes.

  • Alright, so what's it gonna cost me to get him out of here?

  • 100 emeralds.

  • How about 50?

  • How about 25?

  • How about some dirt?

  • Done.

  • YEAH!!

  • Uh, that's not normal, is it?

  • © Element Animation 2012

  • Subtitled by Peso

You might be wondering why I'm in this cage.

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An Egg's Guide to Minecraft - PART 7 - He's a BAD MAN! (Minecraft Animation)

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    VoiceTube posted on 2013/06/14
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