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  • Freak! Idiot!

  • Stupid!

  • Nerd!

  • Weird!

  • Dork!

  • ...Psycho! Loser!

  • No one likes bullies.

  • Bullying turns people into monsters who hurt and humiliate others.

  • And who likes monsters?

  • I mean, other than in the movies, where we love blowing them up.

  • Maybe you have never hit anyone or shoved someone's head in the toilet, but remember that time you ignored a friend request because you were worried what people might think?

  • Or that embarrassing picture that you helped share?

  • Monsters aren't real, but your actions, how harmless they may seem, can have a monstrous impact and alter a person's life.

  • Forever.

  • We might all be different, but we all deserve to be treated with the same respect.

  • So next time you avoid someone because they're different, don't be a monster, be a better human!

  • [Stop bullying]

Freak! Idiot!

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B2 US bullying loser dork monstrous psycho alter

Don't be a bully, loser

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    Raina posted on 2020/11/21
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