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  • Mom, are you positive there weren't ANY other

  • places looking for Vice Principals?

  • You promise you'll give it a shot?

  • I promise. And I looked into it -

  • legally I can't live on my own until I'm 18.

  • So, you're the new neighbor?

  • Yeah, I'm Zach by the way.

  • I'm Hannah.

  • Hannah! Get away from the window NOW!

  • I gotta go!

  • Hi! Hey, we're just moving in.

  • You see that fence?

  • Uh, yes...

  • Stay on your side of it!

  • He's a big teddy bear...

  • Don't take it personally, he doesn't really like anyone.

  • Yeah...

  • Mom, Hannah's in trouble!

  • Oooh, who's Hannah?

  • She's locked in this house, and her dad's a psychopath!

  • Does she have a friend?

  • Whoa, The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena?!

  • These are all Goosebumps manuscripts!

  • Why are these books locked?

  • Did you unlock a book...?

  • Oh no...

  • I'm sorry, I'll put it back where it belongs -

  • - Look here it is... - NO! DON'T OPEN IT!

  • Nobody...make...a...sound.

  • The Abominable Snowman just crawled out of a book! That doesn't just happen!

  • You've just released every monster I've ever created!

  • What was that?!

  • It's the Invisible Boy!

  • Ugh, he is such a crack-up.

  • The only way to stop them is to suck them back into the books!

  • You've read 'em all, right?!

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah!

  • If we know they're weaknesses, we can capture them all.

  • We're the only ones who can do this!

  • Oh my God, how'd you do that?!

  • Silver fillings, I have a ton of cavities.

  • When I was ten I didn't brush my teeth for a whole year.

  • Alright, everyone, find anything you can to barricade the doors!

  • We cannot let the monsters inside!

  • Now!

  • What're you doing?! Get me out!

  • Oh no no no! Keep going!

  • Come on, scaredy cat!

  • Gnomes?!

  • Maybe they're friendly...

  • Not friendly!

  • Definitely not friendly!

Mom, are you positive there weren't ANY other

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B1 INT US hannah friendly snowman locked promise barricade

Goosebumps 2015 Official Trailer + Trailer Review - Jack Black Movie : Beyond The Trailer

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