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  • I could see this being a new trend,

  • along with like a sexy bikini and stuff like that.

  • My mom always wore prom gloves while driving

  • because they protected her skin from the sun as her arms were out here.

  • Growing up I'd be really excited when I'd see these tins

  • expecting some delicious, buttery cookies.

  • I'd open it up and I'd see just a bunch of sewing needles,

  • and spools of thread, and pin cushions.

  • It's safe, it's cute and round, and it's durable.

  • These are super big visors meant to shield your entire face from the sun.

  • She keeps one in the car to protect herself from sun damage and also wrinkling.

  • You could wear this while going on a hike, committing a heist.

  • My mom wears this a lot when she's gardening.

  • It's so versatile.

  • They would fill in a sock with rice, and microwave it.

  • And it's great to use as a heating pad.

  • Some daughters use it for period cramps.

  • They're great for stomachaches and backaches.

  • It's basically a cure all.

  • She would take my old T-shirts and turn them into either dish rags or floor rags.

  • She cleaned the floor, she cleaned the sink, she cleaned the car, she cleaned the washing machine.

  • She would cut it down into little squares depending on what she needed to clean up.

  • My mom and dad taught me this when I was really young.

  • It's just wetting a paper towel and putting it over some rice.

  • This allows you to actually resteam the rice.

  • It tastes a lot better, it maintains the texture.

  • It's not as dry.

  • My mom goes out a lot with umbrellas,

  • especially like to theme parks.

  • You see this a lot at like swap meets, grocery store shopping, picking up your kids.

  • Asian moms love protecting their skin

  • because they don't want to look old.

  • You would think it's raining, but it's not.

  • It's only the sun.

  • Now that you've seen some Asian mom hacks, what kind of hacks does your mom use?

I could see this being a new trend,

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7 Asian Mom Hacks Everyone Can Use

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