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  • Wait, where did the invitation say to go again?

  • [ Owl hoots ]

  • Well, the map points to a big tree, I think, or...

  • Oh. This has to be it.

  • But if this is the party, then where's Charlie?

  • Hola, amigos!

  • Feliz navidad!

  • Come on up, the party's inside!

  • Eh.

  • [ Grunting ]

  • [ Gasps ] I don't know how much higher I can climb.

  • Help me!

  • Oof.

  • Hey, hey, you made it!

  • Uh, Charlie, why is your party in a tree?

  • Well, you have to have a Christmas party

  • in a Christmas tree, silly! Everyone knows that.

  • I don't think that's right.

  • Of course it is!

  • Just look, I got all the traditional festivities!

  • Christmas cards...

  • stockings hung with care...

  • reindeer.

  • And, of course, if you're hungry,

  • I got all the confection essentials.

  • Oh, heh heh, eggnog.

  • Oh, I almost forgot to check on the turkey!

  • Hey, turkey, how's it going?!

  • [ Turkey gobbles ]

  • Ha, all right!

  • You know, you guys actually just came in time.

  • I could use your help finding a star to put on top of the tree.

  • Milk carton?

  • [ Cow moos ]

  • [ Sniffs ] Nah.

  • Cuckoo!

  • Nope. Hmm...

  • What do you guys think?

  • That's not a star.

  • A star is, you know, pointy and star-shaped.

  • [ Alarm beeps ]

  • Oh, the alarm went off.

  • Sorry, we gotta get going, Charlie.

  • Uh, good luck finding the right star for your tree, though.

  • But I want you guys to help me choose it.

  • [ Munches ] Thanks for eggnog.

  • You're welcome.

Wait, where did the invitation say to go again?

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