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  • Hello everyone, thank you for coming to Nutritional truth, and the question today is:

  • Why does a baby that is breast feeded by the mom, has less infections and less diseases?

  • One of the reasons is because of the milk, that is rich in lauric acid

  • This is what we are going to talk in the next couple of minutes.

  • For your curiosity the lauric acid in the breast milk is in the coconut oil too

  • The lauric acid when it drops into our stomach transforms into monolaurin

  • That monolaurin kills fungus, bacteria, parasites and viruses

  • So it does not let the baby get sick

  • The women breast milk has 19% of lauric acid, the coconut oil has 47%

  • Every place where the coconut oil predominates like the pacific islands

  • There are no heart diseases, no diabetes, no obesity and no AIDS

  • now you are going to hear people saying that the coconut oil will make you fat

  • And if you hear that you will know that that person doesn't know anything about nutrition

  • Coconut oil will not make you fat but it will make you slim

  • Because the fat from the coconut oil is different from other fats, let me explain you that:

  • Fats are composed in three different categories

  • Low, medium and high chain fats

  • Coconut is made of lauric, caprylic and capric acids

  • The lauric acid is in 47% and the rest 8%, they are medium chain fats

  • They can't be accumulated as fat in our bodies because they are thermogenic

  • They raise our body metabolism

  • That's why make us lose weight because they are thermogenic

  • You start using coconut oil for you to cook and after that you will not want anything else to cook with

  • I even advise you to take one spoon of extra virgin coconut oil two to three times a day

  • You will have amazing benefits with that

  • Now I'm going to tell something, that if you do, one day you will going to thank me for telling you this

  • this is a secret.

  • You're going to buy a high quality coconut oil, and you're going to put it on your hair and face

  • when you go to sleep.

  • Don't be shy, use a lot of it. Put a towel on your bed so you don't get you linen dirty

  • and have a good sleep.

  • When you wake up in the morning, you're going to say this:

  • "I never used something that rejuvenated my hair and skin so much as coconut oil"

  • If you are watching this videos right now and your hair is falling, use coconut oil.

  • Remember to throw away all your vegetable oils and start using coconut oil to cook with.

  • Thank you for watching this video, I hope you have learned something new today

  • If you want to know more about nutrition I have here three videos that are just perfect for you

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Hello everyone, thank you for coming to Nutritional truth, and the question today is:

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Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil

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