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  • Marc Luber: Hey everyone - welcome to Careers Out There - I'm your host Marc Luber and we're

  • helping you find a career that fits you. Today we're looking at public school teaching careers

  • and our guest is eighth math teacher Adam Bergman of suburban Chicago. Adam, welcome

  • to Careers Out There.

  • Adam Bergman: Hi - thanks for having me.

  • Marc Luber: Yes, definitely - thanks for being here. Since this is the short version of our

  • interview, let's give everyone a taste and then if they want to hear more they can dive

  • in to the full version. Tell us - what are the key things that the audience should know

  • if they want to pursue careers in teaching.

  • Adam Bergman: If you want to be a teacher, lots of things you should know. Absolutely,

  • you're in front of the class and you've got to be a good presenter. You have to make it

  • entertaining, have to be engaging for the kids. You also have to be a people person

  • across the board. You're gonna be working closely with the other staff members, the

  • community - that means the parents, the administrators and the other teachers in your building and

  • in the district. So you really need to be a people person. You need to be able to communicate.

  • You need to be able to listen. And you need to know your subject area and come up with

  • some thoughtful, engaging lessons. I think it's a really great career. I've been doing

  • it for a long time. And if you like working with kids, seeing them grow over time, working

  • with people, not sitting at a desk, getting up, moving around, moving around the classroom,

  • moving around the school, enjoying your day at work, you're running around a lot - it

  • could be stressful from time to time - but it's a good stress - you're gonna have a good

  • time doing it - and I'll tell you, having the summers off isn't such a bad thing either!

  • Marc Luber: That's a great thing! Excellent! Alright. Everyone, to see Adam and I continue

  • this discussion - it's a very important career path - we'll go more in depth into teaching

  • careers in the full version of this interview. So please join us at Careers Out There dot

  • com. Adam, thanks for being with us today.

  • Adam Bergman: Sure - my pleasure.

  • Marc Luber: Alright everyone. I'm Marc Luber. Thanks again for watching and I look forward

  • to seeing you at Careers Out There dot com. Take care.

  • [theme music]

Marc Luber: Hey everyone - welcome to Careers Out There - I'm your host Marc Luber and we're

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