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  • JESSICA GERKE: My name is Jessica Gerke, I am the PR

  • manager for Helen Woodward Animal Center, and this is our

  • seventh annual Surf Dog Surfathon.

  • This is kind of the original surf dog event.

  • We have thousands of people out here, tons of dogs

  • surfing, so many animal lovers.

  • It's really incredible to see how much we can bond with our

  • animals in all sorts of ways that we never knew we could.

  • ANDRA LEW: Good girl.

  • That's my princess.

  • Her name is Kalani.

  • It means heavenly one in Hawaiian.

  • She's four and a half years old, and she's been surfing

  • since she was five months.

  • I don't know if you've seen her antics out there, but she

  • seems to get turned around.

  • She's very playful.

  • Her tail is always wagging back and forth.

  • -Good job, girlfriend.

  • ANDRA LEW: She does a lot of different active sports.

  • She's a real agile dog.

  • -Kalani!

  • Oh, girlfriend!

  • Oh, yay, Kalani!

  • MICHAEL UY: Come.

  • Come, come.

  • Oh, good girl.

  • I'm Michael Uy, and this is Abby, the surfing dog.

  • She's a two time Guinness World Record holder, and she's

  • an Australian Kelpie.

  • She was a rescue dog.

  • She's six now.

  • She's been surfing for about 5 and 1/2 years.

  • We got her as a pup, and she was a sheltered dog, so we had

  • to rehabilitate her, and we took her out

  • to the water a lot.

  • She just picked up the surfing thing on her own.

  • She is the best dog partner ever.

  • We've done surfing together, paragliding,

  • we've go mountain biking.

  • Climbs trees with me.

  • We go hiking.

  • She does everything.

  • So she's just a great outdoor, adventure loving dog.

  • We try to have fun.

  • Abby's favorite thing to eat is rabbits.

  • She's probably like, why did I get stuck

  • with this crazy human?


  • -Good boy, [INAUDIBLE].


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Cute Surfing Dogs!

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