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  • Ten things you should never say to a girl:

  • I don't care if this is your girlfriend, or your wife, or just one of your friends,

  • there are just certain things that you cannot say to a girl.

  • So here we go!

  • Learn. From our. Mistakes.

  • "So when's the due date?"

  • I mean, never, ever, say anything about a girl's weight.

  • Ever.

  • Even if you're saying something nice about it.

  • It'll most likely be taken like this:

  • Jordan: Wow! You've lost some weight!


  • "What are you wearing?"

  • Don't make disparaging comments about a girl's physical appearance.

  • Seriously, you could scar her for life.

  • "You're overreacting. You're probably just hormonal."

  • If anyone actually got away with saying this, they did not live long enough to tell the tale.

  • This is essentially shutting a girl's thoughts down by telling her that she's insane.

  • What if someone did that to you?

  • Josh: And that's how I feel about it.

  • Kelly: Wow, that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

  • Don't worry, it's not your fault,

  • you're just testosteronal.

  • "Girl, you look fine! Like, seriously good. Like, you are, it's-all-I'm-ever-going-to-talk-about hot."

  • It's fine to give a girl compliments on how she looks,

  • until you become that extremely creepy guy that everybody avoids.

  • BHK: You have the biggest eyes of any people.

  • Can I touch your hand?

  • I just did...Oops!

  • Wow, you have beautiful hair!

  • Oh my goodness...

  • Your eyes are like a deep blue ocean that I want to swim in...

  • You have a fuzzle on your shirt, hehe...

  • You have the cutest button nose!

  • "Are you sure you should be eating that?"

  • Guys are almost required to go back for seconds to maintain their manliness.

  • But if a girl goes back for seconds?

  • Well, she must be...

  • "Oh, yeah, my ex used to say that too."

  • Much in the same way that guys don't like being compared to other guys,

  • Do NOT compare a girl, to another girl.

  • Just stay on the safe side,

  • do not even mention another girl in the same sentence as the girl you're talking with.

  • It's not worth the risk!

  • YOLO: If your eyes were more blue, they would look like my ex!

  • When my ex dyed her hair, it looked just like this!

  • The only thing hotter than you, is my ex-girlfriend!

  • Just like my ex!

  • "Well, y'know, if you weren't so..."

  • Fellas, this is a slippery slope.

  • You think that you're the only one who's been keeping a record of wrongs?

  • No.

  • I mean, you may very well be,

  • but 50% divorce rate says otherwise.

  • "Hey, is so-and-so single?"

  • This is roughly the equivalent of saying:

  • "Hey you! Oh, you...not so much..."

  • "But your friend over there, a real hottie!"

  • "And I, need hottie's number."

  • "I didn't really like you. It was probably just hormones."

  • This is the classic "guy strings girl along and then breaks it off and says it wasn't anything in the first place."

  • Not so fast, Buster!

  • Act like you're an adult!

  • Josh: Look, I know I said I loved you, but I wasn't really serious about it...

  • So let's just pretend it didn't happen, okay?

  • Kelly: Well, I guess that works out, I don't date 5 year olds anyway.

  • "Cramps? Oh yeah, I get those too sometimes. Just suck it up, you'll be fine."

  • The end.

  • Y'know, now that I think about it,

  • guy's think that girls are so overly sensitive,

  • and that's why they shouldn't say any of these things

  • but, if you really think about it,

  • Most of these things just boil down to the golden rule.

  • I guess girls just wanna be treated with kindness and respect

  • the way that we expect them to treat us!

  • Huh! Funny how that works!

Ten things you should never say to a girl:

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Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Girl

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