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  • -Hi Amy. -Hi there

  • -long time no see. -Nice to see you again. How are you?

  • Brilliant. So you do English jacket patatoes?

  • That's right. We call them jacket potatoes in England

  • whereas in America, they call them baked potatoes.

  • -How long have you had this stall here? -We've been selling jacket potatoes

  • for maybe five months now. Before we used to sell milkshakes.

  • -Ok. So who's we anyway? -Me and my husband.

  • My husband's Taiwanese. We kind of pulled this idea together.

  • We really didn't want to have a boss anymore. So, were our own boss.

  • -It's great to not have a boss. -Exactly. You can come and go when you like.

  • I see. You said they're called English jacket potatoes.

  • What's different about your jacket potatoes?

  • We cook them for a little bit longer, and make them really tasty.

  • We also use traditional British recipes that my mother taught me.

  • Oh really? Your grandmother's recipes?

  • They get passed through the generations.

  • We try to keep them as traditional as possible, but sometimes it doesn't go for

  • the Taiwanese market so we tweak it a little.

  • Sounds great. I'm kind of hungry. Which one would you recommend?

  • -I recommend our signature, which is the Bolognese. -The Bolognese is your signature?

  • Yes. It's an Italian recipe. Italian? How do you know about Italian cooking?

  • My stepsister's fiancé is Italian

  • so he gave me the recipe. He's got a restaurant in Italy.

  • He helped me with that. -Brilliant. Let's have a Bolognese please

  • That's great. No problem. Fantastic.

  • You can also eat the skin

  • on the potato. We wash it before and put salt, pepper and herbs on the outside.

  • Oh sure. I want salt and pepper and herbs

  • Really? That's fantastic. Good We add a little nutmeg to start with.

  • It really complements the potato.

  • How many forks would you like?

  • Two please. Thank you very much

  • Thank you very much You're welcome.

  • So look at that. It's going to be great.

  • -Whose idea was it to have the stall? -Both of us really. We didn't want to

  • work for a boss anymore. We wanted to open our own business.

  • We thought we'd start with a night market and then a shop in Banciao.

  • How about yourself. What brings you to Taiwan?

  • Ah, nevermind.

-Hi Amy. -Hi there

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Gongguan Night Market Part II

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