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  • hey whats going on guys, I'm Mike for Halo Follower. In Halo, one of the most iconic

  • Covenant weapons is the Needler. Named after the razor sharp crystals the weapon fires,

  • it's actual name is the Type 33 guided munitions launcher. According to sources, the crystalline

  • projectiles are believed to use heat or organic signatures to hone in on targets though they

  • don't attract to friendlies. But what if the needler was real? The needler range varies

  • game to game, but the average velocity is quite slow at only 8 meters per second. That

  • means that if shot from the master chief at ground level, it should have a maximum range

  • of about 5.3 meters. In the game though the range is much farther with significantly less

  • drop off. The weapon has two major means of damage. The impact and the super-combine.

  • On the needler most of the damage is done due to the super combine. The projectile was

  • traveling at a a lot faster rate, the impact energy and damage would be devastating. The

  • question is why does the needler fire so slowly. The answer may lie with the heat seeking nature

  • of the weapon. The range is significantly than what is should be from the initial velocity

  • and equations of motion. It's likely that the needle travels from a solid to a gas from

  • the inside out, almost acting as a propellant. If the material properties of the crystal

  • was attracted to organic material, this may be how the needle has the lock on mechanic.

  • It seems that the trade off is between the velocity and lock on potential. With an increase

  • in needle velocity, such as the needle rifle, the weapon looses nearly all of its lock on

  • potential. But gains in more precise projectiles that can pierce armor and are harder to out

  • maneuver. With the needler, we see an easier learning curve that doesn't require precise

  • fire from the operator. The rounds are less reliable against armor and are easier to out

  • maneuver, but an army of cheap untrained soldiers outfitted with the needler could be quite

  • devastating. The super combine aspect of the needler is far fetched in a lot of aspects,

  • but more believable in other. For example, there are some elements that violently react

  • with water. Potassium, Sodium, really anything in that column of the periodic table could

  • be use. It's possible that a chain reaction could take place. It's possible that a chain

  • reaction could take place, where more links in the chain, the more violent. It's also

  • possible that each needle is laced with a minor amount of explosives. This could explain

  • why when the needle is fired into the open air, the range is significantly limited just

  • by a minor explosion destroying the needle. Maybe the whole thing is on a timer, unless

  • the concentration reaches a certain point, the needle explodes. Needle ammunition also

  • isn't as damaging to soft targets due to lower kinetic energy and smaller impact area. Traditional

  • ammunition is used to maximize accuracy and damage. Needler ammunition simply isn't as

  • good at either. In the game, the needles are more like crystals, which may or may not make

  • them more devastating. If anything, the needler would be a terror weapon, intended to scare

  • people, not as a real high damage, high efficiency weapon. There are many unanswered questions

  • about how the needler actually operates, but we'll have to give the Covenant the benefit

  • of the doubt and just say they probably figured it out. That's all the time I have for today,

  • if you enjoyed this video please be sure to give it a like and be sure to check out other

  • videos on this channel. But anyways guys, thanks for watching.

hey whats going on guys, I'm Mike for Halo Follower. In Halo, one of the most iconic

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