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  • What's the most weirdest thing you've been asked about being Muslim?

  • Do I worship a moon God?

  • Are you allowed to have sex...during Ramadan?

  • I bet you like to hump goats...


  • ....I don't even know what to say to that.

  • What's a mosque?

  • What do you guys really do in there?

  • The weirdest question is if I'm planning to blow anything up.

  • Why are you guys like that?

  • Why don't Muslims denounce terrorism?

  • Aren't you hot?

  • Are you circumcised?

  • I do denounce terrorism.

  • Really? You guys can laugh? You guys can smile?

  • Awww...

  • A Muslim is a great many things, depending on your perspective.

  • Mulsim is the word we use label people that follow the Islamic religion.

  • And believes in the oneness of God.

  • And that Muhammad is his messanger.

  • That's really all that it is.

  • There's no secret handshake. You don't have to run through a gauntlet.

  • Things like not cheating, not stealing, not killing, not hurting folks...

  • are principles to the faith.

  • We can't eat pork. There's no pork on my fork, no swine on my mind.

  • A practicing Muslim prays five times a day.

  • I'm not jiggy with the piggy. I'm not achin' for the bacon.

  • Every chapter in Quran except one starts with God is merciful, God is compassionate.

  • Compassion, mercy, these were the two concepts.

  • I'm not hostage to the sausage...there's a lot of these phrases.

  • I think the question of what is a Muslim 100% cannot be answered.

  • We are talking about over than 1 billion people.

  • People think that a Muslim is traditionally, basically someone looks like me with a beard.

  • Maybe not as much swage because that's unique to me.

  • But Muslims come from all different walks of life.

  • A Muslim, is anyone who says he's a Muslim.

  • There's all levels of Muslims.

  • That includes, you know, the secular Muslim who eats BLT's and washes it down with a glass of Pinot.

  • There are some that are very devout in practicing, there are some that are not, just like with every other faith.

  • Nobody in Islam gets to say who is and who is not a Muslim.

  • God is the one who determines that.

  • We don't have a Muslim pope, although it'd be cool if we did.

  • And I think it should be me.

  • If you really want to break down the Arabic world, it literally means the "one who submits"

  • to God,

  • to peace.

  • According to my father, a Muslim is any person who surrenders to a force greater than himself.

  • When I introduced my atheist whitey-white infidel boyfriend to my dad,

  • my dad goes, " Listen listen Zahra, the word Muslim just means one who surrenders to a force greater than himself, that's it!

  • Does he believe in gravity? So, he surrenders to the gravity, it's a force greater than himself, he's a Muslim. So, welcome."

  • A great majority of us are just ordinary boring people.

  • You know, shmucks like us.

  • But what do I know? I'm just one Muslim, out of 1.7 billion Muslims.

What's the most weirdest thing you've been asked about being Muslim?

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What does it mean to be Muslim? There are 1.7 billion answers.

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    Sabrina Hsu posted on 2016/11/22
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