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  • A lot of you guys ask me how I got into Harvard.

  • And since I have no life and no job,

  • I decided to make a short video with five basic steps

  • on how you can get into Harvard.

  • Welcome to the first day of class.

  • Today I'll be teaching you how to get into Harvard.

  • Harvard! That's my favorite law school. I really wanna go there.

  • Yeah Harvard!

  • Have you ever had homework problems that you couldn't solve?

  • Step 1: Get glasses

  • If you already have glasses, get bigger glasses.

  • Couldn't have done it without the glasses.

  • Step 2: Play an instrument

  • Everyone plays the piano.

  • Or the violin.

  • But who plays the... triangle.

  • Exactly. No one.

  • Step 3: Improve test taking skills

  • It's imperative to hone your test-taking skills by working fruitfully on your hand-eye coordination.

  • A good warmup is essential.

  • Spend at least 15 minutes every day playing Fruit Ninja.

  • Killed it. Thank you Fruit Ninja.

  • Step 4: Practice while you study

  • Oh shoot. I forgot a book.

  • And one!

  • Study while you practice

  • Okay. Jeremy.

  • 6 x 6

  • 36.

  • 9 x 8

  • 72.

  • 211 x 28

  • Uhh.. uhh..

  • Step 5: Be up to date with the news

  • For example, who knew The Dow Jones is down 5 points today?

  • Ryan.

  • Who's Dow?

  • What team does he play for? Did they win?

  • Oh you mean Dow Ming!

  • Hopefully my video will help you get into Harvard or the school of your choice.

  • If I could go back into high school, I would only change one thing.

  • I would still make sure I'd try to give my best effort,

  • but I would worry a lot less and I'll enjoy that experience.

  • Those 4 years in high school. Because they really do fly by.

  • Even when I got rejected from Stanford,

  • I was pretty disappointed and crushed because that was my dream school.

  • But looking back, I realized God had a perfect plan for me and everything had worked out the way it was supposed to.

  • Wow Ryan! You look like you're ready for Harvard!

  • You betcha teacher!

  • A lot of you guys asked me how I got into Harvard.

  • And since I have no ide--

  • Glasses

  • Bigger glasses

  • For extra credit, get 3D glasses.

  • ...oh shoot.

  • I'm so weak, I'm sorry.

  • Alright. That's perfect.

  • Uhh...uhh...

A lot of you guys ask me how I got into Harvard.

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How to Get into Harvard ft. Ryan Higa

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    Colleen Jao   posted on 2016/11/07
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