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  • To answer that question, we set up a hidden camera experiment,

  • to see if this woman, would stand up at the sound of this tone, simply because everyone else is.

  • You might be thinking you'd never go along with this, or would you?

  • After just three beeps, and without knowing why she's doing it,

  • this woman is now conforming perfectly to the group.

  • But what happens if we take the group away?

  • Elaine, please.

  • Okay. Now she's alone. The crowd is gone and nobody is watching her

  • except our hidden cameras.

  • What do you think she'll do?

  • She's now conforming to the rules of the group without them even being there.

  • Now, watch what happens when we introduce another outsider who doesn't know the rules.

  • Have a seat and they'll be out in just a couple of minutes. Thanks so much.

  • Why are you standing up?

  • Everybody was doing it, so I thought I was supposed to.

  • Think she'll teach the new guy what to do?

  • We kept the cameras rolling as more unsuspecting patients arrived.

  • And slowly but surely, what began as a random rule for this woman

  • has now become the social norm for everyone in this waiting room.

  • Here to explain what's going on in their brains is Jonah Berger of the University of Pennsylvania.

  • This sort of internalized form of her behavior is part of what we call social learning.

  • Starting at a very early age, when we see members of our group perform a task,

  • our brains literally reward us for following their footsteps.

  • When I saw everybody stand up, I felt like I needed to join them,

  • otherwise I'm like excluded.

  • Once I decided to go with it, then I felt much more comfortable.

  • Conformity is how we become socialized, but it can also cause us to develop bad habits or repeat past wrongs.

  • And it's why even this rebel, who wasn't standing for any of this nonsense, eventually joined the ranks.

  • And the only thing more shocking than seeing how easily conformity affects the way you act,

  • is that similar forces are subconsciously shaping the way you think right now.

To answer that question, we set up a hidden camera experiment,

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Social Conformity - Brain Games

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