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  • >>Craig: When I first started here 11 years ago, we were slated

  • to be closed, because we were not meeting our annual yearly progress

  • that was expected of us by the District and the State.

  • >>Amrita: We had some of the lowest-performing test scores

  • in the City, and declining enrollment.

  • >>Craig: So we knew something had to be done, and the staff

  • and the administration got together and we decided to put

  • in place an extended learning time program.

  • It was really all about giving children

  • that extra time on their academics.

  • We wanted to see what the students can do

  • if they could experience extra-curriculars

  • that were really important to them.

  • So we gave them a whole bunch of things to buy-into in an effort

  • to really attend to these test scores.

  • And in the end, we saw our test scores really start to skyrocket.

  • >>Amrita: A student at the Edwards Middle School goes

  • through several classes within the course of our day here.

  • On Monday through Thursdays our school is from 7:00 to 4:30.

  • And on Friday's, it's a half-day,

  • and we have professional development every Friday afternoon.

  • Through the normal day, a child would have four core 60-minute classes

  • in ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies, and one specialty class.

  • And then when we launched the expanded learning part of the day,

  • the student will go through a one-hour academic intervention

  • course, follow by a two-hour enrichment or electives program.

  • What we do is we look at student data very carefully.

  • We get teacher input as well as student input.

  • And we look at what is it that is going to help drive this student

  • to the next level within ELA, Math or Science.

  • >>Doc: In my Academic League,

  • which is part of the extended learning time, I work with core group

  • of students who are there for remediation.

  • And here this is where I pay individual attention

  • to specific students.

  • I have done this for the last six years with kids,

  • and I have seen growth in these kids, because I have them in the morning,

  • and I have them in the afternoon.

  • >>Amrita: Our students have a unique opportunity here,

  • where we give them the choice to drive the enrichment classes

  • that they want in the afternoons.

  • And so we believe that the enrichment classes support students

  • in finding their talents, working with peers, and being able

  • to express themselves creatively.

  • Our Enrichment to Time includes electives, such as ballet,

  • step, musical theater, chorus.

  • And we have several arts-based classes.

  • A lot of athletics.

  • >>Sasha: I joined Stepping and I love it,

  • 'cause it gives me the opportunity to express myself.

  • In a way, I do feel a connection between my stepping and learning

  • in class with Doctor Mansaray.

  • Because I'm having fun while doing stepping, and I'm learning,

  • and then in class with "Doc," I am having fun

  • and learning at the same time, too.

  • >>Doc: Extended learning time is essential.

  • It builds a school community that will excel, not only in academics,

  • but also socially the kids feel safe.

  • They know that the adults care about them.

  • >>Felix: Before I transferred here, I used to get in trouble a lot.

  • But like when I came to Edwards, it was different

  • because everybody was focused, and more serious about their work.

  • So I found that there was no point of acting out,

  • and to take the work seriously so you can be successful in life.

>>Craig: When I first started here 11 years ago, we were slated

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How a Longer School Day Can Improve Academics

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