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  • Jubilee Project

  • Wait, what are we talking about?

  • You're going to answer one question for me.

  • The question is

  • Is this like a hard question?

  • No.

  • What's going on?

  • A World Without Moms

  • Oh wow, what would a world look like without moms? Ok... ughhh!

  • Oh god...

  • That's an emotional question.

  • What would the world look like without moms? A disaster.

  • Bread would show up at school with crusts still on it,

  • and no one would have clean underwear.

  • It would be complete chaos.

  • There would be a lot of babies gone wild,

  • and aching for a bedtime story.

  • Lots of beers and high-fiving.

  • (laughter)

  • Not enough hugs.

  • There wouldn't be any babies actually.

  • Yeah, there wouldn't be. You're right.

  • I feel like mothers are the ones who tend to develop...

  • well... nourish and develop the child.

  • I guess the dads would have to be moms

  • and we'd have half as many wonderful people.

  • Well, my mom is my best friend and my role model and she's...

  • just inspired me to be a strong woman,

  • instilled in me the importance of education,

  • and wanted my future to be - in her mind - better than hers.

  • And I think that... that's actually been the source of a lot of my

  • feeling of empowerment to be able to do anything.

  • Watching my mom work her butt off everyday and come home

  • and still manage to find time to smile at us.

  • So she was really sick for maybe around 6 years?

  • And during those 6 years, I don't think she ever complained or

  • there's never been a time in my life where I haven't felt supported by her.

  • I've just learned so much from her.

  • I just value her and appreciate and look up to her so much.

  • It's just her and I

  • ummm... I couldn't imagine life without her.

  • Ummm... My mom died a week after I was born.

  • You know, I'm not exactly sure who she is or how she is

  • but I imagine that she was a very, very good person

  • so... like most of everything I do... I try to... you know...

  • live up to you... the legacy of the name. Try to do good.

  • Every year more than 7 million women are injured and 350,000 women die due to childbirth

  • This Mother's Day, let's show moms how much they mean to us

  • And help save moms around the world so that children won't have to grow up without moms

  • I love my mom. I don't know where I would be without my mom.

  • I love you mom because I wouldn't be here without you.

  • I love you mom because you have pushed me hard enough to reach my goals.

  • I love you mom for reasons T.N.T.C. (too numerous to count).

  • I love you mom because I can call you 5 times a day

  • and you're always happy to talk to me.

  • I love you mom because you've shown me what unconditional love is.

  • Because you're the most beautiful woman I know.

  • You have to say why you love me.

  • Because she's cute and nice.

  • Because you've been there for my entire life,

  • everyday... every step of the way. I love you!

  • I think the most pure form of love is...

  • is the love between a mother and her child.

  • And I think it's unconditional and it's honest

  • and it's real and it's generous

  • and it gives you power to keep going

  • when things don't look promising.

  • Moms, you mean the world to us

  • For every view this video gets in May,

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  • to help improve the lives of moms around the world

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  • Directed and edited by: Eric I. Lu

  • Produced by: Eddie Lee and Jason Y. Lee

  • Special thanks to: Tariro Mupombwa and Yonina Murciano-Goroff

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World Without Moms

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