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  • In 2015, 20% more Americans renounced their citizenship than had done the year before.

  • More than 4,200 individuals have thrown out their US Passport, and while many did so in

  • order to avoid paying taxes in the US, others who hoped to gain nationality elsewhere may

  • have been forced to dump their American citizenship.

  • That’s because a large number of countries actually don’t allow their citizens to hold dual citizenship,

  • so what are some of those countries?

  • Well, to clarify, a country cannot actually prevent you from holding citizenship elsewhere.

  • Citizenship is basically a contract between you and a country’s government

  • that allocates specific rights, duties and benefits on both sides. Another government can’t just cancel that contract.

  • But what they can do is keep you from gaining citizenship within their own country,

  • or strip you of it if you try to gain citizenship elsewhere.

  • Technically, a person can have as many citizenships as they can legally maneuver: someone can

  • be born in one country, to parents from another country, marry someone from a third country,

  • establish residency in a fourth country, while buying citizenship in a fifth, thereby potentially

  • holding five citizenships at once.

  • But some countries are not comfortable with their citizens pledging allegiance to a foreign government.

  • Among advanced economies, the most notable states which significantly limit dual citizenship for foreign nationals are

  • Austria, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, and Spain.

  • Note, however, that this list is incomplete and countries regularly change their nationality policies.

  • In Japan, a person can technically hold dual citizenship until the age of 22,

  • after which point they must choose to drop their other nationality,

  • or they are automatically disqualified from holding Japanese citizenship.

  • Norway, on the other hand, allows more leeway, and if youre born to Norwegian parents

  • but in a different country that guarantees citizenship by birth,

  • you don’t actually have to abandon it. Youre also allowed dual citizenship if releasing from your other

  • nationality isunreasonably burdensome”. But in general, they don’t allow it.

  • Other countries only prohibit dual citizenship to certain other countries. Pakistan, for

  • example, only allows dual citizenship with 18 countries. Additionally, more than a dozen,

  • mostly Middle Eastern countries refuse admission at all to those holding Israeli passports,

  • making dual citizenship nearly impossible for Israelis. Some countries will refuse entry if youve even visited Israel once.

  • But while some of these countries will strip you of your citizenship, and others won’t even allow you into the country,

  • most nations banning dual citizenship are more apt to turn a blind eye to your second nationality.

  • For example, Russia doesn’t actually prohibit dual citizenships,

  • but it also does not recognize them. If you have a Russian passport, you

  • are solely a Russian citizen, and you cannot legally use your other country’s passport within Russian borders.

  • Moreover, if you do have dual citizenship, you are not legally

  • allowed to conceal the fact.

  • Dual citizenship is a complicated topic, and isn’t as simple as just allowing it or not.

  • Some sources list the total number of countries that don’t allow dual citizenship at more than sixty,

  • which would comprise roughly one in three countries. But for the most part,

  • having multiple citizenships usually means that those countries can collect taxes from you,

  • and for Americans that includes foreign income as well. So without any particular

  • political, religious, or ideological reasons for denying dual citizenship, it’s usually

  • in both parties best interests to allow it.

  • One way you can lose your citizenship in some countries is by trying to gain dual citizenship.

  • But what are some other ways you can be stripped of your nationality?

  • Find out by watching this video.

In 2015, 20% more Americans renounced their citizenship than had done the year before.

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