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  • What's up guys, it's Jeffrey. How's everybody doing?

  • So the other day, I got really offended because some people told me that I wasn't manly enough.

  • I'm not gonna lie, that hurt me a little, because honestly, I totally don't see it.

  • Me? Not manly? Psh, you're joking, right?

  • "Jeffrey, do you know where's the...?"

  • "What?"

  • Okay look, we're in the middle of winter and my skin's been needing some moisturizing lately.

  • As a matter of fact, I just bought some new lotion, for, for my hands obviously.

  • Mm... What? Don't judge me.

  • Besides, in part, I'm trynna have smooth skin for the ladies 'cause you know, I've never heard them say they like the opposite.

  • "Wow, you have really dry skin. That's so hot."

  • "Yeah? You like that?"

  • "Yeah, can I peel it off for you?"

  • "Sure."

  • No, that never happens.

  • Okay, fine, you know what, I admit it.

  • Not all the things that I do would be considered really "manly", but screw it.

  • I'm not getting hurt from it anymore.

  • So what if sometimes at home as a man, I decide to pee sitting down.

  • Truth is, it saves a lot of trouble if you ask me.

  • Yeah, my mom doesn't really like that.

  • Also, peeing sitting down has a big advantage.

  • Like, it's the only time for me to finally say that I can truly, multitask.

  • "Nah, I'm just ironing my clothes for tonight."

  • I think I can send this file right now. Don't worry about it."

  • "sending in 3, 2, send."

  • "You're welcome."

  • "So how's your life?"

  • You see?

  • Trust me guys, I'm pretty sure that's how girls develop these multitasking abilities, for all these centuries.

  • We, we have some catching up to do.

  • Also, as a man, I don't really shave.

  • And it's not like I don't want to.

  • I just don't really have facial hair.

  • Now that I think about it, the closest that I've ever gotten to that, is tweezing my eyebrows.

  • A few months ago, a friend of mine told me that my eyebrows wasn't on, wasn't on "fleek", so she decided to tweeze them.

  • And since then, the hair just grows thicker and faster, every single day.

  • "Bro, we gotta go, what's taking you so long?"

  • "I'm tweezing my eyebrows."

  • "Are you serious?"

  • "You already tweezed them yesterday, who cares..."

  • "Look, I'm almost done."

  • "...I think."

  • "Yeah, I'll wait."

  • Dang, I knew it was a trap.

  • But you know what... It's cool. Imma just do me.

  • I'm not gonna let gender stereotypes change me.

  • And, and you shouldn't either.

  • Anyways, I actually gotta go moisturize my skin again, so uh...

  • Thank you guys so much for watching, I'll see you guys very soon, this is JeffreyFever and I'm pressing the record button, now, peace!

  • Agh, now my hands are all wet.

  • Oh my arms are a little dry too.

  • GUGH

  • *outro music*

What's up guys, it's Jeffrey. How's everybody doing?

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