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  • ALIEN: Dear United States of America on the Planet Earth...

  • ALIEN: We have been watching you for the last 240 years.

  • ALIEN: While your society is still many generations away from matching the technological and social...

  • ALIEN: ... advances of our own, we have been impressed with your progress thus far.

  • ALIEN: May I offer three words of advice to prevent you from regressing back to your former idiot selves:

  • ALIEN: Dump. The. Trump!

  • Alright, here we go!

  • Dump the trump.

  • Get him out, right now.

  • Dump the trump.

  • America, do the right thing right now.

  • Do you really wanna give this man the nuclear codes?

  • If someone rubs him wrong, he'll make the world explode!

  • Dump the Trump.

  • Right now. KEEP. HIM. OUT.

  • Dump the Trump.

  • America, do the right thing now!

  • The Donald thinks he's great.

  • But all he is: is filled with hate.

  • Do your part. Go and vote.

  • Protect your nation. And your civilization.

ALIEN: Dear United States of America on the Planet Earth...

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B2 H-INT US dump alien trump america advice planet earth

Dump The Trump Song (Advice from Outer Space)

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    g2 posted on 2016/10/15
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