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  • Can't remember much before all this started

  • Sometimes I feel like it spinned my whole life

  • Running.

  • Killing.

  • My name is Alice.

  • And this is my story.

  • The end of my story.

  • 10 years ago in Raccoon city there was an outbreak.

  • It spread across the world within days.

  • One way or another, our world is coming to an end.

  • The question is: will we end with it?

  • Alice. Alice. Alice.

  • Umbrella developed an airborne antivirus.

  • It would destroy the T virus.

  • I have no reason to believe a word you say.

  • True. But I can offer you something you want very much.

  • What is that?


  • Look at them got this.

  • I have to get to the hive.

  • We go together.

  • What we gonna do?

  • We gonna kill every last of them.

  • You grab some gear.

  • This is what I do.

  • We played a long game, you and I.

  • But now it's over.

  • Is this all you got?

  • Because if it is, I gonna have to kill you!

Can't remember much before all this started

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Official Trailer 2 (2017) - Milla Jovovich Movie

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