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  • so here we're in austin texas

  • few days ago you texted to the associated press and said

  • I told her to go wherever she wants

  • Her meaning me

  • and now answer the questions

  • directly

  • honestly and candidly

  • that is all I can say

  • those are your words ?

  • It's my words ! When we first met, a week ago today,

  • we agreed that there would be no holds barred,and they would be no conditions on

  • this interview and that this would be an open field

  • i think that is the best for both of us ! I agree

  • So here we go

  • open field

  • so let's start with the questions of people around the world have been

  • waiting for you to answer,and for now I'd just like a

  • Yes

  • or No , okay

  • this whole conversation we have a lot of time will be about the details

  • yes or no , did u ever take banned substances to enhance your

  • cycling performance

  • yes or no, was one of those banned substances EPO

  • did you ever blood dope or use blood transfusions to enhance your cycling

  • performance ? YES

  • did you ever use any other banned substances like testosterone cortisone

  • or human growth hormone

  • yes or no

  • and all seven

  • of your tour de france victories

  • Did you ever take banned substances or blood dope

  • in your opinion was it humanly possible

  • to win the tour de france without doping seven times in a row

  • " Not " in my opinion

  • so when did you first start doping

  • we're done with this YES or NO

  • yeah , we're done these Yes or NO

  • you know i suppose earlier in my career there was

  • uh... cortisone and then

  • the EPO regeneration began

  • began when

  • for me or for......for you ... Um...

  • at mid-nineties

  • mid nineties

so here we're in austin texas

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Entrevista a Lance Armstrong, preguntas "Sí o no"

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    VoiceTube posted on 2013/01/19
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