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  • Further progress with piloted driving

  • during test drives on the autobahn A9 near Germany,

  • Audi demonstrated that a car can now even show social competence.

  • All the driving maneuvers performed by the research carjack,

  • were performed with consideration for other road users.

  • The piloted Audi A7 signals upcoming lane changes by activating the turn signal,

  • and moving closer to the way marking .

  • Just like a human driver would do.

  • International media representatives were impressed.

  • Yes, it was amazing.

  • How quickly you get used to it - to the system.

  • How quickly you trust the car!

  • Motorway situation is really amazing!

  • smooth, soft.

  • There's no doubt about it, I wasn't afraid at all.

  • At first I thought I would be a little bit scared,

  • and sit in the back and think "oh!"

  • but that wasn't the case,

  • you trust the technology extremely quickly!

  • High-performance processors evaluate the signals from all the sensors in the vehicle,

  • which means the piloted Audi A7 always has a precise image of its surroundings.

  • The Bavarian minister of state, Ilse Aigner, sees technical progress for herself,

  • and what's technology take over at the wheel.

  • It's very cool. Yes, it's flashing the turning light

  • with a large gap.

  • Well, I always have great faith in the technology because I know it is equipped

  • with multiple redundancies and you can really rely on the technology.

  • So I was really quite relaxed about the whole thing.

  • In other words, autonomous driving is possible already,

  • once the legal obstacles have been overcome,

  • this will soon be a normal site in road traffic.

Further progress with piloted driving

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Audi A9 - piloted driving

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