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  • Hey guys, I'm Alfie and today I'm here with NCS Ambassador, Tinie Tempah

  • How you doing man?

  • I'm good man, how you doing Alfie, you alright?

  • Yeah, I'm good

  • What particularly attracted you to supporting NCS

  • I just like what they do, based around the young people

  • Us basically, ultimately they're going to be the leaders of the next generation

  • For sure

  • What part of the role are you most looking forward to?

  • Well basically I have to help curate an event for next year, they did the Yes Live last

  • year so I'll see if I can top it

  • So I'm really looking forward to that.

  • What are the challenges young people are facing, do you think today?

  • To be quite honest with you, I think it's kind of like knowing what they want, knowing

  • what choices to make

  • How do you think that NCS has helped young people overcome these issues?

  • I think by building a community where young people are essentially able to develop all

  • of these skills

  • You know able to kind of network, communicate with one another, socialise, bounce ideas

  • back and forth

  • Yeah, I was going to say, like having a group of...positive people

  • Yeah exactly, kind of being quite a sociable character because personal relationships do

  • as much as, in my opinion, academia or qualifications

  • Being able to pick up the phone to call someone you actually have a bond or connection with

  • is just as important

  • That's one of the main things I think with a lot of young people, they don't know where

  • they want to go, it's so hard to know how to get to where

  • Sometimes a confidence thing, you get out what you put in and I know that's like a cliche,

  • the more you put into it, invest in yourself the more you invest in your own, in time for

  • yourself

  • hopefully the more you should reap from it

  • For sure, thanks so much man

  • Thank you bro, cheers

Hey guys, I'm Alfie and today I'm here with NCS Ambassador, Tinie Tempah

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Alfie Deyes meets #NCS Ambassador Tinie Tempah

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    Yulla   posted on 2016/10/04
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