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  • Demoman: What makes me a good Demoman?

  • Demoman: If I we're a bad Demoman I wouldn't be sittin' here discussing it with ya' now would I?

  • The Demoman (Also knows as Demolition Man).

  • Is a skilled, bomb-armed, drunken, Scottish who deals with his enemys by "bombing" them.

  • He has 2 explosive weapons, And a melee.

  • The Grenade Launcher : Effective at almost all ranges. can hit an enemy and explode on him causing massive destruction.

  • If missed, the bomb will just jump off anything it touches and will explode shortly after.

  • The Stickybomb Launcher : Can be used for traps.

  • As it's name. The bombs shot out of it are sticky and can stick to almost any surface.

  • After being shot they can be triggered to detonate after a short period of time.

  • It can be used to trick enemies to fall into these "traps" by hiding them (the bombs).

  • The Bottle : can be used as your melee option if you're out of ammo or if you're in need of a melee attack as a finishing move.

  • While I play with this class. I mainly use The Grenade Launcher.

  • But if needed I will allways trick an enemy with a sticky or two...

  • Demoman: *Evil Laugh*

  • Demoman: Ohh.. they gotta' have to glue you back together

  • Demoman: IN HELL!!!

Demoman: What makes me a good Demoman?

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B1 INT US launcher melee grenade explode sticky bomb

Team Fortress 2 - The Default Loadout - The Demoman Ep.#4

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