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  • - Oh no!

  • This is awkward!

  • - No, there's no such thing as a stupid question.

  • - We have all the answers - All of them.

  • - Why do you take so long to get ready?

  • - No, not okay, are you serious?

  • - That's a stereotype.

  • - I know men that spend hours getting their hair cut.

  • - I take about 15 minutes to get ready.

  • - I don't take long to get ready.

  • - I also don't take long to get ready.

  • - That's one I can't answer.

  • - But Linda here takes forever to get ready.

  • - I do not leave the house until I look damn good.

  • - Dudes are always like, "Oh, I like a girl who's natural."

  • Buddy, if you saw me natural, you would scream

  • like you were looking at Freddy Krueger, okay?

  • You're like, "This is a natural look."

  • No it isn't.

  • - What do periods feel like?

  • - Having a period is externally having to look like this

  • at work and inside you're like...

  • (whispering) Fuck you.

  • - Every month, I'll get a little bit sad

  • and I'll forget why, and I'll be like,

  • "What's wrong with me, why am I so depressed?"

  • - And then the next day...

  • - I get my period.

  • - It feels like, "Oh, did I pee myself?"

  • And then you go to the bathroom and you're like,

  • "No, just blood."

  • - The consistency of... like chocolate syrup coming out of you, it's like gross.

  • - You just feel shitty.

  • - Circumcised or not? Why?

  • - No, I don't wanna make anyone feel bad.

  • - I've never seen an uncircumcised penis in real life.

  • - You can actually make the motion easier,

  • 'cause there's more like...

  • Like... - Yes?

  • - Everyone's genitals are beautiful, okay?

  • We live in a beautiful world of genitals.

  • - I don't have a hard or fast rule, who cares?

  • - It really depends on the person attached to the penis.

  • - Why do you hate bras so much?

  • - I feel like we don't have to answer that question

  • as much as just give you a bra,

  • have you wear it for a day.

  • - Bras hurt.

  • - It's sweaty, it's elastic, it has wire in it.

  • - I hate anything that's gonna, like, constrict me for eight hours.

  • - Why do you take off your pants when you get home?

  • - If no one ever said we have to cover these up,

  • I would have never worn one.

  • - What do you love most about being a woman?

  • Aww.

  • - A. Being able to inspire other women.

  • - I love other women.

  • - The bond that women have with each other.

  • - Yes!

  • - I think it's just amazing that we can give life.

  • - It'll be really cool one day to be a mom and hopefully have a daughter, and that kind of a thing.

  • - I think I just love women, so I like that I get to be one.

  • - If we need to continue the human race,

  • we don't really need men but we definitely need women.

  • - What if you went to the bathroom,

  • and blood came out the tip of your dick?

  • And then you had to put paper over the tip of your dick all day?

  • - Or a tiny, tiny tampon?

- Oh no!

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Women Answer Questions Men Are Too Afraid To Ask

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